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Whole crew jay ski. What's up skeets. What's up man we got. Ray ooh ellis a friend and the man making the magic happen and my partner in crime. It's jd hello yes j. d. and i will recite a conversation. That may or may not have happened during an nba. Game this past season with these wild broadcaster. Sometimes it's hard to tell if this actually took place during an nba game skeets. Trae inle along with all of you at home. You have to guess as to whether or not it really took place now before we get into our first one guy to give a little bit of love a little bit of kudos a little bit of thanks to the play by play announcer. Who retired after this past season. Shut the sixers. Mark zubov iraq. It's bill were al the bucks jim paschke who was so close with the anesthetic. We called him. Yanni like a true greek. Love that guy and of course on the national side we've got marv albert. We had ralph lawler last year. Yup so thanks to all these great guys that we listened to over the past several years forever. These guys worked for very very long time now. I said jd is going to be reading along with me but we do have a guest a little bit later on. Stay tuned for that. Wow exciting yeah. Let's get guest reading here. Spice it up but Let's go back guys. Let's go back with our first one here. A couple old friends. We're going back to the preseason because we've got alice doesn't matter the same staff anyway. It's the raptors hosting the heat cower. Old toronto friends matt devlin and jack armstrong on the call. All play jack. I'll do a very bad jack impersonation. Jd will play devlin as the to reminisce about games that had crowds at them and the fans make the experience.

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