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A little. No rim would be on door. Oh, I was supposed to be a forty mile stretch taken only five days. Okay, but it was actually closer to a hundred and ended up taking over two weeks. Big difference there. Yeah. Yes. The oxen and cattle died from thirst. While others just took off and search water. Numerous wagons had to be abandoned in the thick desert gunk mud that was created when water rose to the surface during the daytime. Needless to say the Donner party's spent their entire time in the desert terrified miserable, and near death by accounts. Every one was caked with urine in feces while the women stink of stale minstrel blood and yeast infections, their faces were burnt and read, and their lips were split and bleeding by the time, the Donners rejoined the established trail since leaving it at the parting of ways. It had been sixty eight days those who had stayed on the tried and true organ trail. They had reached the same point in thirty seven days. Punch myself in the face. Jackass path and to make matters worse. It was later discovered that the shortcut instead of being three hundred fifty miles shorter was actually a hundred and twenty five miles a longer. No, no. When I said shortcut emit shortcut in the way that you're going to die younger, like that kind of short. Understood. I should've clarified yet. The original train that they'd been a part of had passed that point a month before. Oh, my God. Yeah. Needless to say, tensions were running high. She's specifically towards James read, I know really understand why everybody's mad at me concerned. We should be mad at the desert. It's really the desert's problem, right? Honestly, we chose to do this. I, the human brain is what I blame is this even for having ideas. I blame ideas..

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