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I'm Peter say more. And Here's our top story. The Phoenix Suns win again. 1 16 to 102 to take a three to nothing playoff series leads over the Denver Nuggets. Before the game, Denver center Nicola Yokich celebrated his new M V P award. Now his team faces elimination. I mean, if you lose you out of my home, so we just need to go there and fight and give everything with regard to get for Yokich finished with 32 points, 20 rebounds and 10 assists a triple double game Forest tomorrow at five PM on 98 7 FM Arizona Sports Station He didn't name Arizona. But U. S Attorney General Merrick Garland says the Justice Department was my During the use of unorthodox post election audits. Republican election analyst many White doesn't trust auditors of Maricopa County's November election. They're trying to create a completely new record, and then I suppose they were going to present that to the public to say Here's the truth. Don't believe what was published in November, Light tells ABC 15. He access the database himself of every vote casting. Every race, including the 2020 election, and he affirmed that Donald Trump lost 90% of Arizona sits in deep drought and the incoming excessive heat will only exacerbate fire conditions. Veteran fire commander Clay Templin says any fire start could quickly escalate into a large wildfires. Also, a concern for firefighters are still out on the lines for The Pascal or Telegraph for his slate fires. Hundreds of firefighters on the mask. Alan Telegraph. Fires near Globe and Miami must also deal with low single digit humidity. Some good news, though evacuations for top of the world have been lifted. Now let's check on traffic..

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