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Richmond San Rafael Bridge, Berkeley, Gilman discussed on KCBS Radio Weekend News


You as with the insurance company affiliates price and coverage match is limited by state law CBS news time two thirty eight first for traffic Peter Schofield is back in again we are headed to the Richmond San Rafael bridge will just when we had the Richmond San Rafael bridge cleared from an earlier problem looks like something else has popped up there on seeing renewed slow traffic was about five eighty between the toll plaza and about half way across in Berkeley eighty west found that tightens up from Gilman to Powell street you will have a short wait in the cash lanes approaching the toll plaza but then on the bay bridge traffic slows from the tunnel at Treasure Island across the upper deck to the central freeway split and if you're driving to the lower deck in the bay bridge eighty eastbound your Dr leaving San Francisco begins with brake lights one a one north bound at Cesar Chavez through the central freeway split on two eighty eastbound but then after four street no delays on the lower deck of the bay bridge in San Leandro five eighty west family for Caroline street the crash has been cleared from the two right lanes to the right shoulder and the back up into Castro valley is still thinning out there that's to the five eighty two thirty eight interchange that is dissolving in the South Bay kick off at Levi's stadium just about an hour and one minute from now I think based on the traffic around the stadium right now it's a sort of looks like everybody who is going to be there is already there as a result was no traffic on two thirty seven and won a one through that area and even Tasmin and great America parkway seem to be not much more crowded than they were an hour ago your extravagant data to forty eight on the traffic leader KCVO all right thank Peter in the bay area forecast brought to us by McCroskey mattress accompany looks like we're going to continue to see some clouds seasonally cool weather for the next few days to we do have that slight chance of.

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Richmond San Rafael Bridge, Berkeley, Gilman discussed on KCBS Radio Weekend News

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