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We've been hard saw because you're my partner in crime Ben, but you are all by your lonesome as I'm here in Bristol, Connecticut. Looking at outsider, mic at Pat and then the artists, the man, the myth. The legend. Seamlessly. Yeah. Yeah, she's awesome. She brought cake earlier. I and Mike a as well too. We are having the most fun ever. I just want to let you know you loser sitting at your at home by yourself co-hosting by yourself. It's a sad day. How do you feel about that, sir? I feel isolated ally show it some sort of CIA a torture technique because I'm a crowd guy like I have the worst foam. Oh, fear of missing out you've ever seen. I always get it. And now I just I picture you guys up there doing activities like dodgeball in between commercial breaks activities? Yes, so many things going on and we haven't Rome sets here. I'm stuck here watching cops. There's on my sellers of bunk bed. I brought donuts at this point and there's actually a pet pony Pat. I can't believe he brought in the pony that was that was impressive to train a pony like that and brigand in studio here in Bristol is nothing short of antastic. I mean, I have a small car, so it was kind of pulled it off. Well, you strap it on. I did see you come through security this morning, so it is the best week ever and rightfully so, right. We have week six college football in the books week, five of the NFL, but to kick off here in a few hours craziness m the UFC if you're just checking Twitter, don't worry. We'll explain it to you. Everything that happened with the Conor McGregor fight last night in l. d. s. l. d. s. series continue to go and we're building Mike gays, man cave, all of that coming up today on the best week ever. But now it is time for how we start each and every week for the biggest story of the week ever. Biggest story of the week ever ever. So this pet pony that's in here, right? It's it's got a, it's got a ribbon. It's awesome unreal. By the way it was awesome at all you had to do was point for us, say the production. It is. This is a difference. Make this show is easily on a scale of one to ten going to. We're going to peak at a six and a half, which will be a record since we launched in March, but hey, man, we got a lot of football to talk about, so let's get into it. Your biggest takeaway weeks. Six. The college football is statement wins. These are. We had a couple of games of draw your line in the sand. We are no longer going to be irrelevant. And so the university of Texas and the Florida Gators giant wins that time will prove. But I think that we have seen both of those blue blood programs, draw their line in the sand and say, you know what? We're back Tom, Herman came in and made his statement, Dan Mullen coaching his face off. And those teams are now legitimate relevant teams. Wait a minute, wait a minute. I don't want been a hard sock to say that he's back, get Joe, Tess, what? What's going on. Indeed it we're going play that seven thousand times. That's the other bad thing about being here in Bristol. I get control of the real fancy buttons, so that's that's a bad thing, but you're right, right..

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