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Scary What he said to me. We'll be talking to Willie about all of this coming up after the top of the hour. It is Wednesday with Willy, but now it's traffic with Rob. What do you have, buddy? So does that mean I cannot take my emotional support Python with me, Rob, I swear to God if I sat down next to you, and you had a support Python. I would I would freak out on you, would you? Yes. Don't want to reach over and tickle them under his chin. See, It's people like you, though, that they have ruined it. But there were people were just mucking with the system going bring in their emotional, you know, support. Pheasant, sir. Turkeys or whatever the hell on the plane. That zit stupid. I've told you the story, but one time So we want with one to the Bahamas and my son. I think I told you this, but when we bought the ticket he was before age too. By the time we took the flight, he was it was in January just turned two and they're like, Oh, you gotta pay $800 for yourself. Wait a minute. What are you talking about? And my wife are you reminds me, she says, and you turn to the airline Asian said. You know, if my son was a turkey, he'd be able to fly free. I did tell him that. That's right. It's true. That already was there saying that's bull scrap, though they did that to you, man. Come on line. That is the real eyes gonna sit on my lap and he's not come on. It's just nasty when they do stuff like that from the U. C. Health traffic center. You see health in science lives hope. Well, Here comes the snow. It's uh Coming down in most parts of the Tri state right now, beat careful and watch out for slick spots slow down and just take your time wherever you're headed. There's some very heavy traffic now on North 75 from about just above Mitchell on up beyond paddock. Stop Found your slow from about Shepherd Lane through Lachlan down toward paddock and least no accidents for the time being. I'm Rob Williams news radio 700 wlw. Forecast from a 700 wlw Weather Center for tonight Wonder whether is advisory until early tomorrow morning.

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