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This is press play I'm Madeline brand naked escapes through bathtub tunnels, one hundred million dollar bribes mistress's drugs. It does not get better than this the trial of Joaquin Guzman. Laura the Mexican drug Lord known as El Chapo has been going on for months and the crazy fascinating testimonies while they just keep coming here to tell us the latest as Keegan Hamilton US editor of vice news, and host of the podcast Chapo kingpin on trial. Hi, hello. Thanks for having me. Great to have you. So the biggest news out of the trial this week. I guess, you know, just this that El Chapo apparently paid Mexican president and Wikipedia NATO about one hundred million dollars in bribes. That is the allegation that came from one of the witnesses this week it was actually witness being questioned at the time by Trump was defense attorneys and the claim was based on previous statements that he made to US law enforcement, and he said that the president of Mexico shortly after he. Won the election before he took office requested a two hundred and fifty million dollar bribe Chapo, basically counter offer of one hundred million dollars. That was apparently paid three political consultants with suitcases full of cash like negotiating over the bribe. That's what he said. And it's important to note that this again was asked by Trump was defense team. Yeah. So any reaction from NATO after that came out his former spokesperson for his has denied it. And basically said that it's a defamatory lie. The theories that he bribed his way out of the prison. However, it's important to note that opinion NATO was president when Trump was captured both times in twenty fourteen and twenty sixteen and to was the president who extradited him from Mexico to the United States to stand trial that we're currently at. So if he did pay that one hundred million dollar bribe, perhaps you should have gone for the full two hundred and fifty million. Here today. Worth. Oh, okay. Well, speaking of the escape, let's talk about the naked bathtub tunnel escapade. Oh my gosh. One of the witnesses. This week was a woman who was at one point a local elected official in seeing Loa who became Trump mistress and was also involved in his drug business. This woman was present with troppo at a house in queens seen. Aloha win the DA in the next marines came on a raid. Trying to capture him troppo escapes through a tunnel was hidden underneath his bathtub and the woman who is testifying said that he was totally naked as this happened because the marines came calling with a battering ram when his front door at four o'clock in the morning while they were in bed together. Where did he get some clothes? So the this tunnel. And actually, we went inside of it's part of it for reporting for a podcast connects to the sewer system underneath the city of Khan. So we had to run through the sewer tunnels for she estimated at least an hour before they come out at sort of a canal similar to like the LA river or something like that. We're chop chop was men is waiting with a car to pick them up and presumably he brought some clothes for his boss. Oh my gosh. Okay. Well, where do we go from there? Okay. Let's we could talk about the text messages with this other woman. He had that showed that he really liked to mix business with pleasure. Yeah. I mean, we heard about that from one of the previous witnesses who testified about sort of this spyware that troppo had installed on the phones of his wife and mistresses and those messages revealed his way of aiming -taining multiple relationships with women and be that he would use these women to conduct his drug business. They were coordinating marijuana shipments to the United States foreign buying marijuana in the mountains of senior. Woah, they were involved in front companies. And the messages are frankly, just sort of creepy and weird. He he's selling like, oh my love. I love you so much by three hundred kilos of marijuana. Well, he doesn't compartmentalize it just as all in one big pot fascinating. Because so so far in the trial. I don't wanna see Trump was seemed like a good guy because we have heard about murders that he's allegedly committed and acts of violence, but there was some semblance of him being sympathetic character. This most recent testimony from his mistress. I think shattered that image or anything that was left of it. Because he is you know, manipulating her. She's she felt trapped in this relationship. And it's clear that he's using her for sex and to make money. Yeah. Maybe there was some some romantic interest there at first. But by the time that this rate happens where she's escaped into the bathtub. She said that she'd been trying to escape from this relationship. But felt like she couldn't. Okay. So that's pretty scary on top of that. There have been horrific stories about what he did to people how he killed them. Really egregious acts of torture that he oversaw ordered has that come out in this trial. So we haven't heard about troppo personally participating acts about so we haven't heard a witness say that they saw tropical pulled the trigger himself yet. However, you know, we've heard multiple people say that he had no problems about ordering murderers heard one witness say that when he came to visit troppo in the mountains and seeing a low he he saw a man who is naked and chained to a tree presumably because he'd he'd wrongs the cartel was being punished by by that and the creepiest thing, honestly that we heard from the recent testimony from his mistress was she's sitting at a table eating a meal with chop chop was personal secretary comes in and tells him that his cousin Virgo had died. And at first woman says, you know, maybe it was natural causes but Trump who has his plank look on his face. And then he turns to her and says anyone who betrays me even family or women will die. And that's the salt. The. And that's that's like the darkest side of chocolate, but he had seen in the course of their relationship. And that's when she's really trying to extricate herself. But can't. Yeah. That sounds really a frightening. Well, meanwhile, his wife is at court to hearing this right? His wife has been sitting right behind the trial. And for the most part, she looked on really impassively at all this. It's gotta be hard for her to hear about the relationships that her husband is having with other women to see their text messages showed on screen for everybody. The courtroom to see I think the defense attorney. I mean, she knew had presumably knew what she was getting into. She married, Joaquin El Chapo Guzman leader seen alot of cartel. And the defense attorneys have probably briefed her for what was coming. So she mostly had a face of stone throughout this testimony. But there wasn't moments before the jury had come in after a break when this woman was testifying or excuse me before she had started testifying. She's on the witness stand. You know, in tears, and the judge had to to give her a few minutes to collect yourself for the jury came in in that was when you could see sort of just a wry smile creep onto his wife's face is taking a little bit of pleasure in. You know, the the woman who having an affair with her husband suffer any concern that this woman who testified in any of the other ones testifying will face some kind of drug cartel retribution. Certainly she has good reason to be afraid given what she saw in her time with troppo some of the witnesses. They've taken some some pretty extreme measures to protect them. At least through the witnesses. The courtroom sketch artists were instructed not to draw their faces so that the cartel. Presumably couldn't have a recent image of them to use to track them down. Other witnesses are in protective custody in federal prisons because they've been convicted yes, the cooperating witnesses are for the most part folks who have pled guilty and are testifying against troppo in exchange for reduced sentence. So they're serving out their time testifying at the trial while they're still in custody. It seems kind of funny. I mean, not funny hobbit odd that there's a trial at all. Because is there any doubt that he was running the Sinoloa cartel? It's one thing to think, you know, something, and it's another thing to have the evidence to prove it. And I think there was some some skepticism about what federal prosecutors will be able to show beyond the testimony of cooperating witnesses who obviously have something to gain by testifying. However, you know, we're now nine weeks into the trial. And the evidence has been overwhelming we've seen Trump does drug ledgers that you have sort of the the money side of his business. We've heard his voice on phone calls discussing drug business. If there was any reasonable doubt about his guilt that biz long gone. So just wondering if he is convicted he goes to a federal penitentiary here in the United States for the rest of his life. Any way that he could actually run the cartel or do anything along those lines from jail. It seems very very very unlikely. The Dow possible I mean, so far he's been in solitary confinement for twenty three hours a day, and the only people allowed to speak with our his attorneys at the federal jail where he's being held while the trial is going on. If he's convicted and sentenced he's most likely going to the supermax prison in Colorado, the so-called Alcatraz of the Rockies. There are other high-profile Mexican drug lords who are kept there. And as far as anyone knows completely out of the picture. It's it's not like Mexico where they can run the prison the corruption level isn't the same. So if troppo does go away, he's probably going away for good. I just have this picture in my mind of all the drug lords hanging out together in supermax prison. Getting the gang back together. Stories, you know, the second it's actually quite a miserable place where the mates are kept in their cells in isolation, basically all day and aren't allowed to interact with each other. So as much as chocolate would like to hang out with his old buddies now from the cartel world. That's probably not gonna happen. And thanks for the update. My pleasure. He can Hamilton. He's US editor vice news and host of.

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