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Nine he was gambling a. Million and a half a day by one account they came in. From quote from Larry Geller so. He had to come he had to always push Elvis and pushing and pushing and pushing and it was even in Vegas I mean he'd be there for two months. And he worked two shows a. Night sometimes three seven days a week in an hour and twenty five, minutes or so and he was the whole show, it's not like your bass. Player in a band like Aerosmith or something or a drummer where. If you have enough night, everybody else can carry you so he had such. A high Sch high Energy show. That he was so tired by the time he got off stage he. Was about cross eyed and Colonel Parker's just said as long as we. Keep doing dates everything will be fine well you know the the it started badly Elvis started to be in poor. Health in, one. Time in particular he was inundate just before he. Had it here today here to perform a date escapes. Me anyways I think it was Saint Louis Saint Louis no. I'm sorry it was Louisville. Those Louisville and it was it was nineteen seventy six and Elvis. Is in bed almost comatose and. He's moaning in Docker Nick is trying to revive him and he's he's dunking his head in ice water to try and to try and revive him and this is. A quote I'm paraphrasing something you. Larry Geller one of Elvis is really good friends had had in one in a video he said that you know Parker, comes in and gets up. And he says you know they meet face Face and this is, great he's going to see. What what is going on here and you, can't let. This go on it's an human so he walks in the door closes. He's in in bedroom talking, to Dr and accomplice for a. Couple of minutes he comes out and he tells Larry Geller the only thing. That matters is, that that, man is unstaged tonight that's the, only thing that, matters turns, around walks out So this is what you have on your hands did Elvis perform that night he. Did he did. Even his last concert has voiced never, failed him and then you look at a guy in you know look it's. Easy to look at Elvis in the condition. He was in his last concert you you're looking at a very. Sick man and Elvis had a birth defect, twisted colon So, you know here's this guy who couldn't this is one of the. Reasons he wasn't on the toilet he. Hadn't had a bowel movement? In, weeks which is why, he was, so loaded up and they discovered the entity autopsy so, we're starting to get into the cover. Up which should we go to the country upper yes or. I wanna just touch on one more thing before that and that is we were talking about. His work with the FBI I wanna talk about operation. Fountain ban what was that? All about. Well as. I said before seventy six Elvis, was the biggest. Tax payer in Tennessee and he I was, almost filed, bankruptcy, that year he was really in is really in. A bad financial way so his father, had seized his father had seized his finances trying to make him solve them and He hit a plane Ellis wanted a bigger, and better plane that's just kind of. The way it is you know I mean this was a. Bigger and better sorta guy you know he didn't have one, ring you had to have five myself Itself but for. Him so wish actually so he had this. It was called hound dog too he named it hound dog to is. The Jetstar and it was one of those first planes and, they were, selling, it in nineteen seventy six so he's still, own I think nine hundred thousand dollars..

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