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Five three. Bellarmine leads us low scoring game. Thirteen fifty four to play in the first half Cunningham tangles over to the right? Pivots throws out. Mcmahon leaves it back. For Cunningham takes it into the lane pulls up feeds off to the left bobble. But caught by Williams. Liquids bounced past good feed. But king shot is blocked by hunters shot rejected again, by hunter Williams has a quick. That doesn't go right defensive standby Bellman shot clock violation there, even though they had three basic layup scenario, suddenly picking up we left off last year with a competitor. That kid is he's always got his nose in here for a loose ball. But could get a team at the rim Melvin famous for their offense. They've had the last three Great Lakes valley conference defensive player of the year. Started at that end as well. Here's Korbut throwing across the high right to hunter. Buyer has now wires back out to the top two cherry pleases for the left-wing daughter kings shadow with pulls out from Williams saw clock at three four stop long free for the left. No goodbye. Shitty. Williams players rebounded gets fouled Falvo that rebound by scholar. Hotter. Good job on the boards. We have a new stat monitors take two things. Rebounding battle eight three eight six excuse me. Eight six thank you. I was looking for them. Yeah. They've reform. And this is where the recent plays. Are this is the team stats individuals? So yeah, a lot of information out here. Now, even a recipe for. Shane coaches, you have to change. Not my decision cardinal basketball trailing five to three still Cunningham slants off to the left Williams. That's the highest screen. Should he fights over the top of it Cunningham? Back pile at the Sutton left-wing king for three when MRs again, but Cunningham runs out for the rebound to man up. Top Cunningham settles into a three and missed again taken down by Chitty. A Bellman says the pass up court to Ramseyer kid. He gets back dump so stop on the right to everhart down low underneath Ramseyer takes tell bowl and all the time out to save the possession..

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