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You take issue with that? No, I they're probably a pretender, you know, they're not going to keep hitting home runs on a record setting pace. There's not a lot of depth in the rotation. The biggest concern obviously is the bullpen. That's kinda held together. So far, I think they have five different guys with saves because they don't really have a real closer back there. So at some point once the injuries to pile up you start playing all these games without all the off days. I think the lack of depth on the pitching staff will come back to bite them. But on the other hand, you know, Markle Gonzales four, no, you say coochie, really good, Mike Leakey's. Mike leake is going to give you thirty. Okay. Starts, you know. And maybe if they're really lucky they get Justice Sheffield coming up at some point. And maybe Justin done, and they have the potential to reinforce that rotation. If needed. Yeah. And you know, that they're potentially some major issues when I take issue with the fact that you say the bullpen is the weakness, I think the defense is the weakness. Yeah. Eighteen errors in thirteen games. And that doesn't look like it's going to get better to anytime soon. Kyle Seager is probably their best infield defensive player. He's not going to be around for a while. And they're going to have to overcome that if they're going to continue to start a hang in there. No, that's really the amazing thing about the start is that infield defense other than Dee Gordon at second is atrocious. So, you know, they're they're force-feeding Ryan at third base. He's not a good first base and let alone at third baseman there. You know, playing Jay Bruce or Encarnacion at first. That's not a good fit. Tim Beckham's made Somare's really outside of Haniger and Malik Smith. Yeah. You know, it's it's really poor defensive team. I mentioned you were in Boston yesterday at Fenway park. They had the elaborate ceremony to ward the championship rings you. Brought back a lot of former champions, whether it's Manny Ramirez or Kurt shillinger. Pedro martinez. They March out the trophies from the past David Ortiz walking out one handing doing the old Odell Beckham junior on the championship trophy from two thousand thirteen and the game starts, and it continues to go bad for the Red Sox. Chris sale didn't last long they stole home plate against him. After the game. He talked about how I don't know if I've ever pitched like this in my life, Alex Cora talked about his team's pitching. He was able to put his away. Blase Ninety-one Ninety-two shows pleasures and ninety four ninety five at the end..

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