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S futures are higher ahead of the monthly payrolls reported his father went on Wall Street and check the markets every 15 minutes. Throughout the trading day on Bloomberg S and P Futures up, 13 points down Futures up 109 as day futures have 39 the decks in Germany is up a quarter percent 10 YEAR Treasury that'll change yield 1.13% healed on the two year 20.10%. Nymex crude oil is up one and a quarter percent. Or 69 cents, and 56 91 a barrel and Comex gold is up about 1%. Nathan Karen, We begin this morning with promising news on the vaccine front. Johnson and Johnson is asking US regulators to clear its experimental covert 19 shot for emergency use that could bring millions of doses to market as soon as this month. Sampras Elia, senior pharmaceutical analyst at Bloomberg Intelligence. We do have a vaccine here there is one shot, easy to store and ship on gave you very high level of protection against severe disease. So it's a very significant addition to our fight in the pandemic plans to make a recommendation on J and J's Emergencies request on February 26th. Meantime, in Washington, lawmakers are making changes to President Biden stimulus plan. They're looking to lower the income limit for those receiving direct payments. The move has bipartisan support. But when it comes to the overall approach to covert relief, Democrats are taking a unilateral approach and that's drawing criticism from Republicans. We spoke with GOP senator from Tennessee Marsha Blackburn. What are the Democrats to doing? They are trying to go it alone. They didn't want a pared down $600 billion package. They don't want to break it apart. So that we can target money that is needed to families..

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