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Dominguez has given up in sixteen innings into big lakes yeah sixteen innings in the big leagues three hits you ride with him at that point of the guys got up zero earned run average and here's the way look at all right go in to chicago cubs dugout fellas they'll paul here who would you rather face arrest game adam raga morgan i don't know they say that they nickname but they probably adam morgan or the dominant sarangani dominguez would all of them pick mortgage yeah they pay a salad it's amazing the old rag on this is where we won't have gabon till tomorrow he needs his beauty sleep that that that no is my attitude ally plant to bring it tomorrow as well when he's with us at nine o'clock but but he he i know i pulled him because they have this guy in half was coming up right handed hitter right right near the hitter dominguez that's you want that match up don't you i i want that match up i want brings morgan in and i would have brought the where is the play of the game listen kappler making his way to the dugout steps and getting some instruction from chris young the assistant pitching coach now has another word for rob thompson kappler is going to go to the pen and he has signaled for the lefty added morgan here's dominguez come out of the ball game morgan will come on and try to save it hi that was a big boo when he pulled them with those phillies fans in chicago what hell was that good amount of fans well they were booing them right were they absolute twitter went beserk bonkers pretty why would this happen and and do i have to tell you the rest and i hate to put you through this cause once morgan get on the mound you serious problems were right up a hat out they got to two outs they got two bases loaded they got to to to count against lefties swinging justin hayward who had a blustery one thirty nine average against left handed pitchers none of these left handed pitchers was at a mortgage mortgage served up.

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