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One hey good morning to you this his first light from westwood one news of tuesday september fifth 2017 i'm evan haning and our close up the us tells the un enough is enough when it comes to north korea stacy cohen reports on that what's up with darker president trump will announce a decision today we will hear from john lord's accuweather meteorologist during the war yeah we need him he will fill us on hurricane armas approach wall street will reopen with the nasdaq at an alltime high tomba's we business reports on hurricane harvey and insurance rob workman as sports on a rare baseball record broken last night and chuck rich tells us about the amazing the a mortal life of henry ever lacks on homevideo quite a story seven past the hour the un security council was in session yesterday at america's ambassador to the un had more harsh words for north korea and dictator kim jongon stacy cohen reports the latest provocation from north korea prompt sperm new language from the united states ambassador to the united nations is abusive use of nestles and as nuclear threats show that he is begging for war un ambassador nikki haley condemns north korean leader kim jong un during an emergency session of the united nations security council toupee it is the second such gathering in less than a week as north korea tests a powerful nuclear weapon on sunday and threatens another test in the coming days is never something the united states wants we don't want it now in our countries patience is not unlimited options is being advocated from others asians the russian ambassador urging parties coach not to yield to emotions and china insisting a peaceful resolution china and russia not proposing a freeze for freeze policy north korea would halt all testing if eu athens south korea cease military exercises in i've asked her haley calls the idea for insulting president trump spoke with south korean president moon jae in monday morning over the weekend trump threatened to halt trade with all nations doing business with north korea all his defense secretary james mattis had this message any threat to the united st george territories including guam or our allies will be met with a massive military response the.

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