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Greg, the dolphins game. It's in the past. We've burned the film. We're moving out of the jets, the second divisional game in as many weeks to kick off this season before we get to the jets game, though. Let's talk about some of the news. Regarding the Patriots, what's been happening over the last couple of days? Let's start with Trent Brown. He was injured against the dolphins. It's a calf. He's not been at practice. What do you make of it? I don't think it's good. Nick that he wasn't out there that normally when you have, let's say like a minor injury or something like that, some sort of soft tissue, lower body type of thing. Normally the guys are out of practice, maybe riding the bike, something like that, keep them warm, nothing that stresses them too much keeping them in shape. That Trent Brown, I was out of practice yesterday that Trump Brown wasn't on the practice field, not a great sign. I mean, look, I'm not going to say that means he's done and they need to think about putting him on in season IR for three weeks or anything like that. Look, considering his recent history with the Raiders, he had a calf injury. I think it's the same calf. And he was basically hit and miss, like every week. And he wouldn't practice very much. The Raiders, it caused a lot of drama with the Raiders. Probably part of the reason why he was eager to leave there. I think the Raiders thought that at times he could practice and play Trent thought otherwise. I don't know which way to come down on that. I can only judge what he's done since he's been back here. And I think everybody understands how I feel about tremendous. He's been back here. You know, he, from day one, he's been great. And to me, he was my preseason team MVP because I thought he had the ability to help the team at right tackle, be basically all pro right tackle, fill in at left tackle if needed. And he's done everything. Even Belichick talked about his leadership, he was more mature this time around. And then to come out and play one series and then he has this calf injury, which caused so much drama with the Raiders. You have to be somewhat alarmed.

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