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The situated public schools also a delay in these smithfield public schools now tip verdun warwick west warwick and what suck at all operating in one hour delays to ever delays that are reporting them chatter whoah this morning also it's you hour delay will take place exeter west greenwich foster gloucester regional schools to our delay narragansett in south kingstown and the westerly public schools can all those schools operating on a two hour delays we have one hour delays at all saints bishop hendrick and bleh in sacrament father doyle good shepherd greater one socket immaculate conception lasalle mercy mount mount st charles mancini kadoorie our lady of mercy same paul saint augustine thing sicilia saint joseph's they kevin say luke say mary say mary bay view say patrick saint peter's say phillips they'd philomina same pious save race say rocco st rose of lima's think theresa st thomas all with one hour delays have a two hour delay and started classes at the school also monsignor clark two hour delay at saint ideas in a westerly massachusetts couple of closures in the eastern sections of bristol county fairhaven public schools they will be close to the dartmouth after lee's that have been announced fall river has a two hour delay along with schools in new bedford seacock has a two hour delay its ninetyminute today at the somerset at berkeley regional schools also in a swoop see westport also has a two hour delay this morning couple of the higher reds as well there checking in with delays start salvi regina love one hour delay and started flies today the naval war college they will open up a ten o'clock also just in ccri okay emphasis here in rhode island they will kick off the start of class at ten o'clock this morning again cumulations across the region on general three to four inches across rhode island six inches reported forested sections of bristol county massachusetts kushner coming in at a six and a half inches of snow seeing amounts of four inches here across many sections of rhode island with the snow stay tuned of course to keep you up to date vix going to take us out of the highways again it's sometimes these smaller accumulation storms when everybody gets to work now we see the greatest delays on the highways victories coming up in just a moment.

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