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Street doug wireless best phones best networks no contracts we're sitting here during the break time doing that i feel the exercise like the natural sort of like the grieving process but for us it's the coping process would being left out of the allstar picking for the nba allstar game when they announced the teams we're sitting here trying to reverse engineer the draft order based on what we all believe in no it's like in it's almost like a game of a desk who were you get enough of the information you get it about one thing across word puzzle so you can start to work from there kevin durant took us behind the curtain and let us know the obvious but something we needed to confirm which is that he was the number one pick and so from there you can start to reverse through types like clearly john us was steps numberone pick them if you go back to the other side hearing rumblings that kyrenia was the bronze number to pick which to me would mean the james harden was steffes number two big but the real kicker and all this as we think al horford was last think al horford was dead last and normally i said kevin love was the one that was probably afraid of going lasse but you know in light of everything that has happened with that cleveland cavaliers team recently an all the news out there that liberal sean james could not afford for kevin love to not be on his team and so you know he grossly over drafted kevan there is no doubt in my mind that's like when you go to recess was your younger brother and your mom basically forces your hand it's like your coach you're gonna pick him for this why don't you use the number one pick on your brother my because i don't want you mom he's going to be there relax but with kevin is steph was real and again this is where gm lebron james that we always talk about shine through and steph showed that he still has a long way to common mba circles because if steph was truly a cutthroat was gm he would have snatched kevin love up their way early than the browse expecting and just let chaos and sue because again now that you knew that the picks were going to be blind you.

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