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Don't let their three and eight record for you. They're a tough team to handle that. We, you know, don't don't know very well played in a couple years ago, but quite obits changed and left to really do a good job of especially re familiarizing ourselves with the knowledge and players. But a different offensive scheme and said, is to be a week. They're really gonna have to have a great week of preparation to be ready to go out. Kickoff set for four o'clock on Sunday. The Pats will then stay in California for a few days as they take on the Rams next Thursday night. Elsewhere in the league Steelers Ravens finally set to take the field this afternoon after covert concerns in Baltimore force this matchup to be delayed nearly a week. This will be just the second time since 1950 that the NFL is played on a Wednesday and, according to ESPN is Adam Schefter. The bizarre 3 40 kickoff today is because NBC is committed to broadcasting the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree lighting ceremony. Tonight. Dan Watkins WBZ Boston's news radio. It's 10 13 traffic and weather together, starting with a Subaru retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the threes. Here's a quick update from Kevin. Where to what? We're gonna start it off with the expressway North bound. We gotta crash taking out the two left lanes here just after the Dorchester Yacht Club. The laser solid right back to the Pont. Sit right down beyond the crash, though you're looking pretty good South found you make it a tap on the brakes here with curiosity delays getting by that north bound crap. 4 95 North bound. You're tied up for about two miles in the road Work after Route 44 here in Middleborough, Route three North found a couple break legs getting by the work crews after exit two down and Plymouth and South Bound Root three again tapping the brakes through the work zone after route 53 in hand over downtown. You're looking pretty good all around over on route one south bound. You stop and go traffic from Main Street in Saugus, getting down to these work crews that route 99. And up on 4 95 north..

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