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It's not just because you want to become an baby steps millionaire and wonderful but why why. What's why point. Yeah so you can tip outrageously wonderfully. Yeah obnoxiously yeah. that's great. i like that. That's a good question. I love that question. I'll be interested to see like rachel. I wish he was sitting here would ask her. Because i don't know i mean i know. They're teaching the kids out of the financial piece how to do the stuff. But i don't know how much they're looking over like little a million looking over winston a ritual shoulders when they're actually doing they're giving because i guarantee you. Winston does that online. Oh yeah i just. I just wondering five ten years. Will you walk through your living room and say hey alexis in shirt thousand dollars. You're not going to have a lexus. Doing anything i'm not. They're listening alexa. Listen to the dave ramsey show alexis. Listen to the ramsey show. I just turned on stuff everywhere. And i just is actually a little thing one of those little one of those little script. We put it in there. It's awesome lex. Let's say john baloney show. It would say sorry. What show is that. You and five fifty million others. I mean i've never seen anything like your show. Take off all kidding aside. You always act like there's four people listening when we know there's millions number say how popular the show is but that's a great. That's a great segue a great question. Because here's the thing. Is there a certain technology that is right or wrong when it comes to handling your money. No there is not what you've got to careful within your own life and what you're modeling before your kids is what is it doing to your psyche. You know because anytime that the technology makes it easier for you to spend money and your brain does not register the pain. Your pain centers are not activated that you just did spending..

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