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Stuff like that. But if you won't treat the ups guy like them Yes, I would. What do you lay on the ups guy? Oh, um, You know, I ordered pizzas and stuff for him. You give him a card and money. Yeah. How much money $25. I do the same thing I get 25. That's like the norm, right? It's a good amount. It is good. Twenties to cheap, although I did lay 20 of the post makes that number five But look if everyone gave the guide 20 bucks that's like 10 Grand It's a good deal, whatever belly own. Just don't do the silent treatment. Annie. It's wrong with you. It's like another phone call. Who's up here? Who's on Line to Who's this? Yep. San Pedro. The wild card line. Wildcard Sampedro, is it, Cheryl? Well, yeah. Cheryl Over here from Sam Piedra. How are you? I'm hanging out of you, Tom. Okay, Karen on eight. Well, angels, not here, but every every one else's Hello. Hi. Wait, wait, wait, but I'm sorry. I apologize. You don't answer that. Farrell. Did you hear closure? No. Yes, you are what you were wearing. Uh, that's okay. Okay. Things dogs with? Yeah. So it's pouring out there in San Pedro, huh? Itwas a little bit ago, and I just love you guys. I just I love you. I love Karen and I love Mondo, especially abilities back. More niv back and he's just makes everything great again. Hey, how old you mondo, please. Oh, God! Mondo Cheryl! He asked how old you were. From 43 through that Monda. That's so rude, dude. No, I can't come to get well message, man. Look at the way he treats Like I I totally sent him, Len when he when he had a bad heart. Yeah. Oh, my gosh. I'm listening to myself on the radio. I feel like a little trials. Yeah, but Amanda was asking totally do Oh, you sound like a child. But Worker animals. Mondo The rules s so red dude. No, She ain't your card. And now you're just like just like Mama. Explain about Ernie's like black marks on his little wiener. Oh, yeah. You're asked a lot of daughters. They're telling their mom that story today. Oh, you know what? I've always loved her ass up, because because I have a camp like T shirt. And she said Yes. Tim gave that to me at the, uh and you guys were doing ah lot. Read somewhere and and like, that's where I got my first kiss. I t shirt and way, Cheryl. I got a nice shut up now. Yeah, okay. My wife has asked me To refer to Ernie's Weiner as standard size. Not little, okay? Okay. All right. I shall tell your mom we said Hey, What's your mom's name? Chris. Chris Fujimoto. That's cool. Okay. And then what do you got? Kids? No one got Kitty Cap. How many? Let me guess. Wait, wait, wait, wait. Let's do a whip around. I'm guessing quick whip around. And how many cats Cheryl has Okay first. Okay, I say 24.

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