VA, Mr Trump, Secretary discussed on MSNBC Rachel Maddow (audio)


Nice suspect that proposal serves some parties somewhere pretty well but it's not transformational it's more along the lines of dereliction it doesn't serve veterans well and it certainly doesn't sit well with me that was then va secretary bob mcdonald in july twenty sixteen of right at the height of the two thousand sixteen presidential campaign after trump won that election and it came time to choose a cabinet mr trump put off announcing his choice for secretary for very very long time it was one of the last positions he announced and during that time when nobody knew it was going to happen to that job all these veterans groups lined up to ask trump to please keep bob mcdonald on as secretary he had their trust they thought he was doing a good job trump did not listen to them he fired bob mcdonald who had continued to warn against privatizing the va then trump went onto fire schulkin schulkin says that he was fired because of his resistance to efforts to privatize the va and then the ronnie jackson disaster happened so now what happens i mean not just in terms of the administration and who they try to nominate next but for this specific part of our governments sacred responsibility to take care of our veterans particularly in light of what appears to be very serious pressure to try to make the va go away what what happens here next for va i want to bob mcdonald would come back.

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