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This is a new offense here that we're going to create now come get us. You got you got a game plan against us. Also mentioned it I could see Oakland with three first round picks taking collar Mer. Like a mclovin he got a poll question today? Well, you just inspired one. If you're I'm going to I don't know which teams say Miami, Washington Jacksonville. If I gave you a choice between Cuyler Murray and Nick foles in the right to as as a fan who are you more excited about while? You're more excited about Conor Murray. Oh, you definitely are s. Yes. I think the falls would win that poll now. Now, if you said confident as opposed to excited, right very different because Nick foles, I would be confident in I'd be more excited with Cuyler Mur more. Downside. More. I guess the downside would be Cuyler Murray. Because I don't know if he can play at this level and in a consistent basis, Nick foles, it you know, what you're getting with Nichols. At least it feels like you know, what I don't know what I'm getting with Cuyler Murray. But if I'm Jacksonville. I I would be hard pressed to pass up collar Murray the giants it doesn't feel like Cuyler Murray would be the kind of quarterback the giants would bring in it. Feels like Haskins would be you know, playing in that stadium. Where wind is always an issue. You know, we like the big strong quarterback. But Kyla Murray's got a baseball arm. So yeah, mclovin. It's hard to believe there. Kyla mary? Nick foles play the same position. You can't be more different than those students who is the opposite of Kyla Amaury athleticism. Is it who's I want to it Brady? Yeah. Well quarterback sneak. So you gotta give him credit for that. He he's grated quarterback. Sneak who's the least mobile quarterback. I think you counter and Joe flacco incredible lack of excitement, and charisma. Right. Jack, Joe can't run or inner teen. I liked you fly. But Nick foles same way. Yeah. They're like, Paul. He flat lines. Yeah. I mean, those two it's basically the same quarterback. You're getting. One is Brown hair. One is black hearing. But fulls was a division. One caliber basketball player though. Remember he was in studio came off at who's got into those threes. Yeah. Jay Cutler was a great high school quarter basketball player too. So I, you know, I don't think that matters too much here. Don't you judge all our guests by how they shoot around at our studio and Super Bowl week. That's like the biggest factor. Well, you can see how competitive they are gronk had a broken arm, and he came in Dunkin the basketball ongoing, I don't think Bill Belichick wants to see that video Yambol Jays. Like a hybrid of Kyla Murray. Joe flacco he's got the lethargic boringness of flacco. But he had some running ability and a great arm. Yeah. All right. So what's the poll question? We're going to come up. I think just for clicks. We gotta do if you're Jacksonville. Do you want Murray or Nick foles, then we switch it up to Washington Miami layer, you got flacco in there too. Okay. I'll give you flacco. And why did put Dwayne Haskins in there? Just as you know, the top quarterback want to this is click stand. Jacksonville has the seventh pick overall. Yeah. You got the giants sitting at six in the talent evaluator who has broken down. Murray as much as you know, he's he's able to he's the one that said to me about a month ago. He don't be surprised if Haskins is the number one overall pick. And remember, we didn't know if he was coming out. We didn't even know if he's a first round pick. And he said Haskins could be the number one overall pick and that was five weeks ago that he told me that. So I'll give you his thoughts on Cuyler Murray. They will surprise you have that for you coming up, and we'll talk to Jeff passan of when when are we going to get a better indication clear indication of what color Murray is going to do. Well, also check in with the man who wrote the book on Bill Belichick. Ian, O'Connor has some interesting things about Bella check going into this weekend's game in Kansas City, and you can't help but think back to that Miami game when gronk was the free safety and they lost the game. And they lost homefield advantage because they would be hosting Kansas City this weekend..

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