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When a child apparently threw a shovel at its feet, two children and an adult were writing the camel during an intermission at the shrine circus at PPG paints arena in Pittsburgh when it lost control one child suffered a broken arm while the other injuries were considered minor. The camel was brought under control within seconds and the circus resumed without any further problems. The animal wasn't injured officials said needles found instr-. Robberies all over us drilling. Have forced the fruit to be pulled from grocery store. Shelves and future. Orders have been put on hold health minister. Greg hunt says needles have been found in all six trillion states and the police are leading the investigation. We have all side tasks the federal agency to investigate whether they're out supply chain weaknesses with their actions that we can take to assist the police whether there are systemic changes, which are required. Western Australian state strawberry. Growers associations. Paul Silva says it's consumer terrorism and a nightmare for the industry. W w industry has dumped over twenty thousand kilos of effort. And that's basically from cancellation of orders and lack of demand to sabotage strawberries scare is now stretched to Western Australia where a needle was found in a Barry over the weekend. And in New Zealand both of its major food distributors. Have pulled us trillion varies from stores growers are now using metal detectors in hopes of restoring confidence and say the needles aren't coming from the farms so far there have been no injuries. As a result of the needles in the berries. A media report linking half of the cardinals and bishops who served in the Netherlands between nineteen forty five. And twenty tend to abuse cases has done the country's Catholic church into the global sex abuse and cover up scandal, the respect the.

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