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And it changed the whole game around and then west night coach girl he was behind. He got that technical and the whole game changed ball. Don't you think it's sort of a semi science, those good coaches? I mean, there is no it's intuition you, and you know, sometimes you can you can you can make a mistake. But I think coaches realized they have to do something. It's like calling an onside kick or fake punt. If you get it, right? Everyone loves it. If you in basketball, if you get it wrong, it just makes you just compound the situation, but Pearl Pearl knows what he's doing. And you know, what I think the officials know what's going on too. Sometimes I wonder if guys like Pearl don't tell if there's women beginning. I wouldn't be surprised. I mean, that's the way you do it in these guys are friendly before the game. I mean, they're always on top of each other. I mean. Yeah. And you walk over say, listen, I'm about and as long as you feel officials will let you know I've sat at courtside enough times when they say come on. You're not getting away with that. Again. You know, it's over. Think sometimes Bali get behind by eight to ten points, and they figure what do I have to lose? But when you have three good teams sometimes five up last night was a prime example of that coach Pearl did it. So I just thought I'd make comment, and I'm enjoying the show, and you have a good show, Paul. Thank you. Great to hear from you. Let's continue with more phone calls. Carl is in Kentucky. How are you Carl fine? Paul and good afternoon to you. Thank you follow. There's been a lot of discussions about Alabama basketball. I don't understand they consternation. I'm going to predict that they'll win the NC double A tournament the same year that Kentucky wins the college football playoff. You know, Carl I would tell you this Kentucky football came lot closer to this year the Alabama basketball. Well, they did. But that that's the exception. I hope we can continue that. But I doubt it, you know, six six eight seven five season for Kentucky football is not bad now, and you know, five hundred plus for Alabama basketball. The fire star basketball players are not knocking on the doors. You're right. And I've always felt Kentucky basketball in Alabama football. We're we're we're one in the same. They are almost impossible to differentiate and the foot. They all have basketball program has had success. But it's it's been so far in the past. You've you probably remember I mean back in I mean in the seventies and even the eighties, Alabama, Kentucky, Tennessee were really the the kingpins and basketball. But it it's they've been bad for so long that it's hard for anyone to remember unless you're. Fifty plus, right. Just one other comment, Paul? I'll let you go. It's I think it was last week, but I really appreciated the comments you get to the gentleman from Ohio who broad brushed the south home. They racism. Yeah. And I really I really appreciate that keep up the good work. Thank you Carl. I mean, there's a fine line in defending the south. But that guy just put me over the edge. And I I'm not one of the just blatant blanket blanket defense things just to defend them. But when you when you when you paint a broad brush, you're going to get you're going to get a response, Darryl is in Kentucky on the air next. Hey, Darryl night ball. Thank you. All right. I wanted to ask you something. I applaud Kentucky basketball for a long long time. But in your opinion is this maybe the best Tennessee team. Tennessee is ever put on floor. Very possibly, you know, I I was in Knoxville for the last great. I mean, Tennessee's had some good teams Bruce had a team about ten years ago that that was outstanding. But but I always thought the best Tennessee team. I've ever seen was the one with Ernie Grunfeld in Menard king they had about three or four other players on that team team never really seemed to do anything in the turnament though, which it was forgotten about..

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