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Two year deal for Chargers running back Melvin Gordon so he stays in the division sixteen million all but two and a half guaranteed the two time Pro Bowl selection has three dozen rushing touchdowns over the last four seasons forty seven touchdowns overall Adam Schefter on SportsCenter and how he fits a mile high the running back mark it's very flat right now you're not seeing players get the type of deals that Ezekiel Elliott and levy on bell got last year they have to settle for much less they've had greater hopes to get bigger deals but the Broncos wanted to add another running back to match with Phillip Lindsay to pair behind the young quarterback and they know they want of a running game for him to lean on now when you throw out building Gordon Phillip Lindsay you're able to do that so Denver adds the running back who they know well Melvin Gordon to Denver and a two year sixteen million dollar deal Gordon totaled nine hundred eight scrimmage yards recording over twelve hundred scrimmage yards in three straight seasons from sixteen to eighteen don't forget he missed games in a hold out just a season ago but he didn't get the money quite that he was hoping for ditto for Gurley back on the market place as well what does that say about the paydays for running backs in the NFL Ryan Clark with this take a look at levy on bell in New York you look at Todd Gurley in Los Angeles and now even Ezekiel Elliott on the Dallas Cowboys team that didn't make the playoffs is showing that giving these running backs these big time deals doesn't necessarily give you wins they don't win you championships and when you see two other drafted free agents start in the Superbowl and playing stream we well for Kansas city and San Francisco you think to yourself you know what maybe we don't have to spend money there so playing well playing well early and take the best deal you can possibly get get the longest amount of time you could possibly play to stack your chickens Ben Roethlisberger me time telling the Pittsburgh post Gazette he's throwing pain free he had season ending surgery in his right elbow six months ago the same quote some games that would have a little pain some games I would have a lot of pain to be able to throw without pain now well that's a nice feeling I know I'm not getting any younger but I feel younger because I don't have any pain under quote Diane Orlowski Ryan park on SportsCenter on Big Ben getting back in the saddle I think this news is important I believe when they went out and traded for make a Fitzpatrick wants Ben Roethlisberger was injured they said you know what we don't believe that that first round pick is going to get us a quarterback and we don't think we'll need it because Ben Roethlisberger will be healthy I think it's also amazing that the Steelers had this season that they had with Devlin Hodges and with Mason Rudolph to show what type of team they can be I spoke to coach Tomlin Indianapolis and he told me something that I thought was amazing and it's a little bit away from Ben Roethlisberger he said I remember walking into the stadium with y'all and we say you know that was Troy Polamalu James Harrison James ferry any say and I remember thinking we don't really have.

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