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Get in the zone. Autozone me a quick thought Tang around the San Jose Sharks seem to just run out of gas tonight. No, publicity, no Carlson, no hurdle and the goals really dried up to goals over the final three while they're GM Doug Wilson is he was all in. I mean, you know, he makes that trade gets Carlson, got to right handed shooters. It's been a top team for a long time, but you're right about that. Thomas hurtle, although he was good on the face off dot. The productivity on the offensive side of it wasn't quite there. They didn't quite get the same depths foreign the Saint Louis blues had, and, you know, you're running on empty without hurdle and without Carlson and without Joe pa- Val skin, even cabal coming into this series, it just wasn't quite himself either. So I mean at the end the team representing the west was the better team and the more worthy opponent going up against a real red hot Boston Bruins club, but obviously the San Jose Sharks. They won't go away continued to be strong every single year. But this is the Saint Louis blues time to get and represent the west. It's been a long, long time as you said for the blue since nineteen seventy they are back in the Stanley Cup final able to turn their season around with Dutch out of Bangor made the coaching change. Right ruby taking over. They kept it together instead of from glare standpoint. They changed it right? Took them a while to get going at a ruby five hundred twelve for the first two games. But that eleven game winning streak right around the bye week in the NHL all star. Break kind of on both ends of that took off really never looked back on when they did hit adversity different times in the playoffs. I think about whenever they needed the big game down three two in Dallas, drain the low scores era in game six, they went into double overtime. They handle the adversity of losing game for heartbreaking fashion just unfazed by how they approach this playoffs gained five in Winnipeg their trailing in the game. And Jaden Schwartz is an incredible hand eye coordination goal than an absolutely stunned. Conor halibut in the Winnipeg Jets fans and they mean it. You know, when you win beans, like that you just build something that's, that's undeniable inside that locker room. It's a will to never go away. It's a belief that you'll always come back and win the hockey game. And the Dallas series hack of the series could have gone either way, there's no denying that. But, you know, the blues have been finding a way a lot of it comes from your poached. He's a positive guy it gives them a lot of encouragement during that run that they weren't quite there yet. Everybody would ask the question about what about Tampa Bay Lightning? They're great team this that say, hey, we're good team to. And that's the way setting and he'd say to the guys, they're good team were a good team. And he's quite simple in his approach. But the players believe in that approach, not a lot of scientific work on the whiteboard. They just do it the old fashioned way hard work and play for one another everybody said the same thing about how much they play for one another how much they like one another. How much I like being around one another. They don't want to disappoint one another. You know what happens when that happens? You sought last year with the biggest goal tonight. Right. It's a great formula for success, not goes anywhere. From thirty one teams in the NHL down to the final two without terrific. And what a match up of the Cup final Jordan getting sin against to harass Rask has been white cell for Boston. They've won seven straight playoff game since going down two games to one dilemmas. And you've got Jordan Bennington who literally came out of nowhere has a shutout against the flyers January seventh in his first career game..

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