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Slash views thank you stop cutting me off i won't happen again okay do you have anything to talk about jason because i feel like i've been i've been just yapping about all these stories you're really good i know you wanna talk about cardi b i know you've been can i get to that now i love carded and her baby i just found out she has a sister she's a sister named panacea is her baby named culture yet that's at natalie told me with a k oh that's fucking dope you like that yeah culturally like that so much that sick i mean i guess it's cool these celebrities always come up with like the randomest names you couldn't come up with something like that but they all come up with names like that are like that should be named for like cars like culture nor i don't know what are you going to call your baby oh diablo i don't care it's diop culture kiara oh that's kind of cool actually culture kiara is your kiara ciphers cephas oh my god it sounds like a spell coach gerry syphis culture i feel it cardi b would name her baby something that would help her rap like in ron you know what i mean she just did culture held tricky yari cannot put me harari stepping on you hunting you down like a vulture got my baby in the pouch call her culture go go yeah you know what courtesy you can have that one do some freestyle you're good at it yeah really are i i could step it up so we'll cut it if it's not good okay i don't cut it even if it sucks i don't care what do you mean your freestyle go todd give them suggestion groceries so go data picking up groceries at the local store putting stuff in my bags i want more not paying the extra ten cents because i'm a cheap whore don't have much money because i adore adore the coupon life putting it down i forget it coupon life rap about breakup of breakup how come on man why do why are you putting you on the spot like that dog you.

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