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Second rate burglary this is an ongoing attack by america's number one adversary on our democracy dan coats he referenced earlier has been saying this attack is continuing right now so this is a major national security issue and i think in fact one of the reasons that this indictment came out today was that rosenstein and muller wanted to send the message to the russian the russians that coates was talking about because they knew trump wooden send it in other words they are saying look this is serious we know it is serious we are treating it like the national security threat that it is and even if the president doesn't mention it rest assured we are going to follow up on it and we're going to press forward i think a lot of the republicans that you talked about are afraid of how that story plays out because unlike robert muller they have lost the plot here they think it's political it's not political this is about america's national security and an ongoing threat that has not being addressed by this administration david from one of the great overlooked questions for which we don't actually have an answer is a two to president trump why are you meeting with latimer there has never been a white house rationale for the meeting there's never been an agenda identified for this meeting of it we understand we are accustomed to heads of state meeting with heads of state but we don't actually know why this meeting is taking place and we especially do not know why donald trump doesn't want anyone else in the room we don't know and we do know align i've been using for two years now is this the trump russia stories the story of many secrets but no mysteries there are a lot of details we don't know but the central core of the story we've known that since the summer of two thousand sixteen we're going to have to take a break here david rothkopf thank you for joining our discussion really appreciate it up next john podesta the former chairman of the hillary clinton presidential campaign will join us we will ask him what it felt like today when he read the indictments precise description of how the russians stole his email defendants access to email accounts of volunteers and employees ease of a us presidential campaign including the campaign chairman starting in march of two thousand sixteen that campaign chairman was john podesta the chairman of hillary clinton's campaign for president and john podesta joins our discussion now from california and a jump at us the first of all thank you very much for joining us on this really important night and i just want to read for the audience to do the portion of the indictment that describes how the russians attack you and how they got to you the indictment says that on march nineteenth two thousand sixteen a russian military officer in his co conspirators created and sent a spear phishing email to the chairman of the clinton campaign they used the account john three five six g h at an online service that abbreviated lengthy website addresses referred to as a shortening service they used the aqap to mask a link contained in the spear phishing email which directed the recipients to a gru created website the military officer altered the appearance of the sender email address in order to make it look like the email was a security notification from google a technique known as spoofing instructing the user to change his password by clicking the embedded link those instructions were followed on or about march twenty first twenty sixteen the officers and their coconspirators stole the contents of the chairman's email account which consisted of over fifty thousand emails and john podesta i can't help but wondering a wonder what it felt like today when you read that portion of the email with that line that says the those instructions were followed do you remember that moment where you clicked on john three five six g h well lawrence there's a little bit more of a backstory to that but i think the the general observations of this have been well known that there was a spear phishing attempt it evolved my assistant in in my office but at any rate what's important is at the heart of this was a conspiracy which is laid out in this edite ment crimes were committed by officers of russian intelligence that was done at the direction of ladder putin as our intelligence community has discerned there were allegations of money laundering of.

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