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Us. Kenya? The other one is. Seattle location. We just started going out, we cut four police jobs. We reduced our business hours. We change. Is he times? Basis. There you have it folks right there. We had to cut jobs we had to raise our prices. We had to cut ours. That's the reality. They have the fancy they have the dreams. And then they have the reality. The bottom line is though advocating for a fifteen dollar minimum wage. Sounds good. And maybe a great way to pander to a segment of voters. The reality is in such policies are such a disaster. They invariably result in Las jobs closed businesses. Price increases and a depressed economy. But hey, helps get liberals elected. So that's all that matters to some of these people, Catherine you've been on hold for a few minutes. Looks like we lost, Catherine. Jim I see you've been on hold for a few minutes. Walk them to the John Whitmer show. Thanks for calling. Yep. You're on Jim Jim thirty five million nineteen thirty five paying attention to team forty your big stream on your promos is ninety five percent of the dissolution was a family. Is a big problem. I can give you a dozen. But I'll give you. For you the work on all right fair enough. Okay. If you have a a well, and you're rich guy the guy that used to be able to call well building on the east side there west east of Broadway. Sure, he'll eat breakfast MacKinlay national babies, his first he last. Airs his first was a hundred seventeen dollars first installment on his Kansas Ericsson's tax. Anyway, kansas. Inheritance tax when you leave with the nieces and nephews non direct, non direct heirs is tax that fifty fair. Well, and you know, a lot of that income and thank you for calling. Jim. That's a good point. But you know, the sad part is a lot of that income is previously taxed as well. Hold on. Hold on. Sure. Sure. I understand that. No, just listen to this. The dissolution of the fabric. Use the bay. Some kid wasn't making with his mom and dad are brothers and sisters at school either. He would get farmed out or an aunt someplace. Alice or out of state or another county. Now, you don't do that. Because there's no money in. You know, what's going to happen? All the money goes to direct descendant. Yep. Well, and the other half of that money and thanks for calling. Jim, I appreciate it. And thank you for for listening. We appreciate it. You know, the sad part is the rest of that money half of it at least is going to the state and Kansas. I've said it before I know we've talked about it on the show before. But how high Kansas is on its taxes? We got the second highest food sales tax on food in the country. We've got the eighth highest sales tax overall in the country, and yet they're still conversations in Topeka about raising taxes. And at some point they've got to learn I mean, you know, you all we all know, we learned to live within our means why can't the folks into Beka learn to live within their means. It looks like we did get Katherine Katherine, you're on the John Whitmer show. Thanks for thanks for sticking with us. Okay. Yeah. Just a comment about this green energy. Oh. Windmill blades, we car Kalyan based resins going to go into the preparation, prepraed swarmed. The outer covers the blade and other composite part. If they wanted to get rid of petroleum than they need to get a windmill windmills. Wow. See somebody unintended consequences. Well, maybe they can use. Maybe they can use parts of the cattle that they're no longer using because we have to kill all the cows. Apparently. So maybe we can use cow fat too. I mean who knows this thing is so laughable, and you know, the sad part is, Catherine. I watched what's your Elizabeth Warren? I watched her announcement. And I watched Spartacus I watched Cory booker's announcement. And you know, it seems like every democrat the first off they're going to have about twenty of these crackpots running for president. But every single one of them has signed onto this thing. And I know there's a degree of pandering here. They're just trying to make sure that they locked down the left wing of their party. But but they're serious. There are people who are apps actually seriously pushing this agenda, and this is insanity. I mean, it's just it's just crazy. And that's the sad part is you've got people like this in positions of power who have control over your tax policy. You're your national policies that involve real life stuff that implicates you case in point what we've seen, Catherine. Thank you for for calling. I appreciate can't case in point. When we come back after the bottom of the hour break, we're going to be joined by Chuck Weber. Chuck Izzy executive director of the Kansas Catholic conference, and I asked him to come on because we've seen so much lately. On frankly, it's an attack on life. And I couldn't sit back any longer and not address this issue. I'm flat out disgusted with what I've seen. And what I fear. We're going to see out of the Kansas supreme court in soon in any day now. And so I just wanted to make sure that we brought in someone and.

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