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Radio friday started pod on monday the great yeah i learned were you among the had to be among the first of the podcast yeah i i would say there were of their certainly podcast before i did it i was probably the first guy who said let's just turn this into a business let's fall of the radio model let's figure out whatever radio did and will do this as a sort of digital radio show but i was the first guy without any parent company more any affiliate on casey are w whatever i've sort of one of the first guys who just went i'm gonna put my own money into this on a bill mount studio we're not going to have a parent company or an acrimonious associated with the s p r r anything and i'll just do it myself and wool all fund it myself and will make the model work yeah great well you've made the my little work and you made the mina worked for an extra episode here today on all of the above with norman lear and paul hip and uh i love talking to an own giveth fuck who knows a come back anytime they do moon this live this day and night sharm norman lear and you can't find the it should you wish to me down you can find me on facebook instagram and twitter bbc norman lear and you could find me on facebook instagram and twitter at all.

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