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Also but then I'm thinking for a couple of people. I've done a lot of work I've actually like because they tell me like I like this specific scene. I like again digging out pictures and Mike. Holding them up to the camera of different things and then I got a lot of free time On on my movie thing on my IPAD IPAD my Maxi ipad with wings. Sorry it's a girl protection situation joke there which I can hardly remember again fifty seven but you know what I do. I film like little things and I make like actual little videos plus me so anyway. That would be worth one fifty. I'm sure you just go. Hi Is Gilbert Godfrey and abandon fresh not bad. Is that what you do? Well a lot of times they'll ask me to roast them and I'll get and I'll get lazy and I'll go. Hey funk you roast buck you never got a dinner Jill Gilbert. Call me sometime like a real person. Don't make it about show business. You'll never do that. Never carry your number around in his wallet. For twelve years. Eighty-four plug the website again. John Ritter Foundation Dot Org right. You're some websites. John Ritter Foundation DOT ORG CAMEO DOT COM. That's stupid but more importantly John Ritter Foundation or but also. I WanNa do a Patriot on. How does that work will explain it to you when we get off? Mike? Hi I'm Gilbert got. I'm Gilbert Godfrey. Shut the fuck up children please. I'm Gilbert Godfrey with my friend Fred Santa Padre he's mall so my co host and I have a colossal Fuca also known as a podcast moving alkyl here putting together. Amy Thank you. This was a blast assholes. Wash your hands and go to bed..

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