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Japan passed a law friday that allows owners to run out private homes to third parties for up to one hundred eighty nights a year creating a clear legal framework for services like air bnb renters need to register with local authorities and those local 30s can impose further restrictions every andy has about fifty two thousand listings in japan and provided accommodations for fifteen percent of japan's 24 million tourists in 2016 including myself the nikkei asian review report shipping firms mitsui o s k lines and nippon yusen are working with shipbuilders including japan marine united to develop two hundred fifty selfpiloting cargo ships artificial intelligence would plot the safest shortest and most fuelefficient routes and could be in service by 2020 five the i would also be used to predict maintenance needs i'm reduce malfunctions the first ships will retain a small crew to oversee certain operations rolls royces also developing unmanned cargo ships with an operations date set for 2020 and finally bloomberg reports test lose market capitalisation past bmws friday to make tussle the fourth most valuable automaker in the world tesla announced earlier this week that the model three sedan would start production on time in july a cheaper model why is scheduled to arrive in late twenty nineteen don't forget if you want more discussion of tech news of the day subscribe to daily tech news show dot com daily tech headlines is supported only by you the listeners thanks to everyone who supports us at patriotic dot com slash dte ns we'll talk to you next time.

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