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Baker watch shouldn't be, but Baker watch joy, Taylor, the news. No heard on the news. This is the headline news, so a week to penalty against clay Matthews, negated interception by Kirk cousins, and obviously the game ended in h high. And now Aaron Rodgers was injured in a similar play last year against the Vikings. No. So they changed the rule. And here he is on Wednesday discussing his feelings on new role. Watch the game in love the game for a long time and some of the rules I think help, but some of the rules, you know, maybe you're going to go in the wrong direction. I know they're trying to think about the, you know, progress of the game and the safety and stuff, but still collision sport. And those to me are not penalties pot meet kettle. Why I don't understand. First of all, Aaron's going to say what is going to say, these Packer fans are out of their gourd. This you're complaining about a call which will benefit you greatly over the next four years because over the next four years, you greatly this year because Aaron Rodgers is running around basically on on one healthy lake. And by the way you play the Rams defense, the Redskins defense, the bears defense in the Vikings defenses of the top eight pass rushes in the league. You face half of them with a smaller than average improvisational quarterback who gets hit regularly and it's currently hurt. You want this rule to be. The over called early in the season to take some steam out of pass rushers later in the season like you want this to be over called now. Packer, the irony is just so rich. The whole reason that this rule exists is because after Aaron Rodgers got hurt, he was complaining about not being a fair call and again, I'll go back to it. If you watch the play, I maybe wouldn't have called it, but I see why they did their over calling this. So by thanksgiving, when they've called eight or nine of these gets media, attention guys won't. Push their body into an Aaron Rodgers, dust hurting the league and a team in a city. 'cause you lose a star quarterback. It's for the quarterbacks. Obviously, again, I don't know what clay Matthews is supposed to do and that spot. I don't know how he's supposed to change his body so he doesn't land Kirk cousins. You ever noticed this. You'll see sometimes a law enforcement before a big holiday Los Angeles, police,.

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