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Make him point. Green bay left tackle. David bahktiar is going to begin the season on the pup list so that's at least six weeks for their left tackle okay. Aaron rodgers struggled without bacteria last year. Listen this four games in the regular season only thirty five points against houston twenty-seven against minnesota only thirty six against san francisco and only thirty three fantasy when he only threw fifteen touchdowns in the four games that he played without left tackle. David bacteria through those four games. Houston defense yeah. Houston minnesota san francisco chicago and seventeen threw four touchdowns two postseason games though against the rams and the bucks i think he scored twenty nine or more fantasy points in both of them. They'll be okay but it's not good. Yeah i it all seriousness. I mean they are gonna have to rookie starting on their offensive line and no left tackle. Well i think the started left tackle. But no david Yari for the first. At least suk slots relate to have some security left tackle and center and they're both know washington released peyton barber. Someone told me to go. Add justin jefferson on twitter. These saints released devante freeman joe. Judge did did not commit to evan. Ingram being ready for week. One or saquon barkley. They're gonna make a decision next week. Okay saw another stink. Kenny golladay practicing individual drills for the first time since he got her so array trae lance. It's going to miss about a week with a chip in his finger. Supposed to have hold on. We have a chip on your shoulder. Minnesota acquired chris herndon from the jets tight. End chris herndon time. It's finally time and tyler. Caughlin return to practice any interest in a vikings tight end here. That's not irv smith. How 'bout in our in our salary cap drive. Dave was down early to his dollar bids so he was trying to get anybody that he can get. You know that makes him so. He picked up herb smith and then the trade happened in the middle of the mock draft mill the this hour gap and and tommy chan one of our hosts sports. Chris chris earned dollar. I think the most interesting. I'm going to be in anyone involved in the situation as tyler kroft. What about tyler conklin. I think i'm more interested in either crossed the tether. Conklin okay so tyler constantly with these guys are relevant is the first out for the season. This isn't going to hurt her smith when he gets back you right. Kris analysts herndon his that tied. We saw a rookie. But if your taste. And that's the i was more worried. I don't know when they're doing the surgery. I was more worried. This was representative of their fear. That maybe irv smith wasn't coming back. I think they wanted to get ahead on. Not having to go through a waiver process on chris harden because he was gonna get cut philadelphia. We have travis fulham and houston is going to go our bbc running back by committee which we pretty much already knew so that the other topic bbs back. I suck k. Could've been a lot of things you. Let's update our position previews so as i build this earlier. Jamie as you're walking down the street someone recognizes you and says. Hey jamie you got two minutes. How do i drive quarterback and also want to know what has changed if anything since we did. This preview several weeks ago. These position previews we did them in early august. So let's start with with quarterback jamie. Gimme your overview on how to draft quarterback. I think if you're so inclined to buy into one of the top six guys You should make it a priority for yourself but don't reach so.

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