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Well yeah on a game podcast to like the bnb here we really stretch shouldn't really do anyway i thought that was funny nope not today no game for you yeah maybe they may be a you know i note a key the you talked about how the soup naughty was really trying to capitalize on his fame twenty years after the fact maybe he got his way into john kear hoppers teams have really fooled plug has catchphrase what hap tim we'll before we get into the episode proper akiba since your new to the bnb we always like to get some uh some of our guests survivor origin story so i know that you're known for obviously your expertise on seinfeld you've done some big brother stuff in the past and you've done a couple of survivor appearances as well but what first you g what i got you went to the show you know almost season one fan actually i you know i've talked so much about survivors of but i don't think i've ever told the story so apologies than like or people who might remember if i have for on someone rob shows but my sort of like it's not my origins stories so to speak because i did watch seasons one in two but then after season two in september two thousand one i went abroad i studied abroad before i started colic between high school and out gap year i was just explaining some to somebody how uh we were very excited about the third season survivors survivor africa and we are especially excited about ethan my friends and i and we had no way to watch it because again we're abroad a two thousand one there's no way to like watch things over the internet that's you know beyond the possible in two thousand one even in like two thousand or five will not not feasible so here's like just eight date myself here's what we would have to do.

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