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Only get off their sleep their CPAP machines. I mean, you want to talk about how the best thing is to get off that machine that thing that you have to wear to sleep. You lose £20 of fat around your belly. You're not. You're not going to need that thing anymore. That machine is horrendous. I don't often you have to wear this thing. You can't sleep the things on your face. It's constantly irritating you. I mean, you knock off £20 around your belly and it take £20 of fat around your neck and your upper upper area upper chest area. You're not going to need that thing. There's nobody that's gonna There's no argument there. You know, And we see that Not only do we see that, but you know when you actually have radiographic evidence, like so many of our patients have had from from there, there. Liver, uh, no longer having fatty liver. You know, I mean, what's the value in that? What's that word to know that you know that you know that you're going to be healthy that you're going to be there for your family to be to know that you're going to be there for your kids to walk them down the aisle to know, you know that you're going to be there for your family to know that you're not going to wind up in a nursing home or God forbid, get some get some awful sickness this affecting so many Americans because their bodies aren't working right? What's the value in that you can be the next life That's absolutely changed. That's turned 180 degrees around by calling 18555 N J. Diet 18555653438 for a totally free go over of the system. You can also go to www dot n j diet dot com. Register online now. For a body composition analysis for an appointment with me where I'm going to go over everything with you. We're going to sit down. We're going to explain everything to we're going to get you these results because of the technology, the GSR technology that we have. We can now customize these programs. We can now guarantee things that have never been guaranteed before. With the scans. You're going to lose. You're gonna lose 25 to £45 are going to target your abnormal fat. We're going to reset your metabolism so that you can eat normal amounts of food after you're done. Reset your weight set point. So now your body knows that you're the new number. You're not going to be hungry because your.

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