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Every year when embarking on a brand new chapter of life it's like opening a new president. We get to start rash. We get to start clean and we get to realize our intentions with what it is that we want to be achieve achieve How it went to live? I think it's just such a great time to take a breath. Take a break and really focus. Focus in on what we want to put out into the world every New Year because we don't take a minute to think about it and to Get clear then. It's so easy just to get caught up in life and let life start leading us in reacting instead of responding instead of being intentional all and so every new year I like to I had been just writing down all my goals and visions for the year in a note in my phone and I think that's sorry. I'm kind of recovering from allergies. So my voice sounds a little more deepen Manley today. entering my coffee as well so if I take sips of coffee I might have to take a little like a few second breaks to take a few sips of coffee. You know how it is when you have baby got to get your coffee in anyway. I think it's just really amazing to start each new year with a vision board and I had been doing that just writing in my phone on a note in writing down my goals and dreams and like dreams for my family like family goals last year on on the dream was to have a baby Dreams for my career dreams for even Michael's career on there. Because he does. He writes his visions visions down also and so I like to put his visions on the Vision Board. And so I just encourage you all to take a minute and sit down. Get very clear on what it is that you want to achieve this year and it doesn't have to be these great successes like career successes S.'s. Like you don't have to become this business. Mogul or make millions of dollars or do anything crazy but I do think it is important to know where you want to go like dive into your soul. We all came here. Do this earth with the souls. Mission is what I believe. I believe that we came to Earth to have an experience and each one of us has a different blueprint on our heart that we desire to experience in this earth. And you know what it is because when you're doing what fills right to you when you're on your path it feels free. It feels right. It feels easy. It feels joyous. It feels like your elated. You're like Oh my God I could. I just love doing this. I could do this forever. I feel so recharged when you're not on your path you feel drained and you feel resentful. You feel resistance. You feel angry you feel all the negative feelings and so I have lived both sides of that coin where I have been on my path and felt free and light and engaged in love with what I'm doing. I've also been on the path where I felt so much resistance it new literally made me like Keel over and have a panic attack. So I don't know if you relate to that but I do and so after like examining my life in realizing using the difference. I am very intentional about making sure that I live a life where I feel elated and joyful and happy and even though you can't do that every day because we're humans and life happens you can strive for it and to me a big way that I stay in the light on. My Path is by knowing where I want to go and to me. I'm not someone who can just. I have to get clear. I can't dislike. Start living and be like. Oh yeah this this is great. This is great. I need to like sit down. Get Intentional and get clear on what it is that I am trying to do in this life and I think trying to figure out your whole life is too much at once so I think breaking it down and year segments is great because and like I said each. It's new year. You get a chance to reassess you can examine this past year and see what was working for you. What wasn't where were you stressed? Where weren't you stressed? What made you happy? What didn't and then you can tweak your vision? You don't have to figure out at once but I do think for me and I think this helps a lot of people to have a clear set intention and road map of what you WANNA do. This year is so helpful so at the beginning of this year. I'm meeting with my friends. Park has comes out next week. I will be meeting my friends. The following week on January thirteenth. And there's four of us who'd made Vision Board last year. My friend Kristen breast should follow her a little bit fancy. She's amazing she has has a new podcast coming out. Also my friend Molly Irvin who so super inspiring she is just next level inspiration. She has a podcast called Living Foley. y'All should follow her to check her out. Mallory Ervin and my other friend Ashley Wilson. Who is all about living intentionally and she has a great blog? She's he's a beautiful Instagram page where. She just talks about things that she loves intentionally and intentional. Motherhood all sorts of and hers bows and Ashley be a US CBS. And Ashley so check all them out and we made vision boards last year and it was so awesome to see it on my wall every single day because I put put it in my bathroom above the toilet so beautiful and romantic sexy. And every 'cause like you go in your bathroom every single day. I mean you take a shower our there. Let's just be real shower and shave in your bathroom. So that is a place that you're all the time and it's a personal spot because I feel like in your personal bathroom really only when you are going in there and your husband. I mean other people close friends may pop in there but not really. I'm sorry that I am getting being over this cough in your haven't hear me cough and like clear my throat. I'M GONNA try not to because I know it's annoying But it's crazy. See how and you look at it every day it seeps into your mind and it helps you stay clear and that was something that was different for me this year than just having it written down. Because I've always been goal writer like I have notebooks notebooks on notebooks of writing down my visions of Ryan my goals of writing down my dreams in like I've gone back and looked at my notebooks. I have checked checked off every single thing and then the thing in some parts in my notebooks that I've written because I've done this for years for each year I would pretty much. Just write down my goals and then rewrite the down and rewrite here at them down like every month I would clean them up in like take some stuff off. That wasn't resonating anymore. And like just make more precise and that's the thing thing I can ex- off things that didn't feel right like I started off with my notebooks of everything that I had could possibly dream of that I wanted to do and then I started diving into the year diving into my career more and more and I'd be like okay. What actually that doesn't feel right anymore? I'M GONNA take that off. That's not really a goal that I wanna do so you could just clean it up as the year goes on and I went back and checked. I've looked through all my notebooks and pretty much everything that I really wanted to accomplish as accomplished which is amazing so the the power of taking it to an actual picture board was really amazing. Because now I'm looking at things and I might so not just like seeing them and writing and creating a magic picture. I'm actually like looking at pictures On aboard every single day in these pictures it just makes it so much more real so I really think taking it to the board food is kind of next level and help things materialized faster so I'll go and tell you all my goals because I think it's great speaking out loud to these goals that I'm going to be putting on my Vision Board for twenty twenty an I'm GonNa find pictures and you. You know to try to match my goals but my main goal is to trust. That's my word for the pick award every year this year it's trusting. It's trust because after having sunny I started having a lot of anxiety so much anxiety Just about everything that could go wrong young and I think that that's normal to feel. Also I mean I'm still coming off of being completely hormonal of. She's a three almost four months old now. And you know you just fall more in love with your baby every single day. And it's just this huge responsibility that's completely on your shoulders and your and your partner's shoulders and sometimes you. You know single parents like it's all on your shoulders and it's just such a responsibility is such a privilege but it is such a responsibility that for me. I I think I got overwhelmed with everything that could go wrong. Because knowing that I and my husband are solely in charge of keeping her alive is just like oh my gosh. What if something goes wrong? Then it's it's my fault than I'm the only one to blame and I will never be able to live with this and but you can't live like that. That's what I've realized you can't live in crippling anxiety because that's no way to live and then you miss the joy of the blessings in in your life like sunny is the biggest blessing I've ever had in my life. So why am I gonNA wake up every day. Be Crippled by anxiety of the things that are not that it could go wrong instead. Why don't I wake up every day and be surrounded by joy of all the blessings she brings and my brother-in-law told me this night? I don't know if this quiz original L. to him but I'm going to get it wrong but something like God doesn't want us to live to like to live through worries twice that's not how it goes But it's like basically you're not supposed to live through hard times twice like whatever your thinkings can happen in. Your worries is most likely not going to happen. Something else is going to happen when the things that you've worried about really actually happen. It's always some random thing. We worry about things that we see that we hear that we you know about that's happening in the world but more likely that is not going to be the incidents that we personally deal with because those already happened elsewhere. That's already someone else's story. Our story is unique to ourselves and we can't prepare for everything. There's just no way we don't even we know what can happen in this world. It's all free stuff you know and so I feel like for me. My Word is trust. I do not WanNa live in anxiety anymore and for me. The way to combat anxiety is lean more in God. And that's the only way I can do it like I. CanNot Dan not do it on my own. And so I think having sunny is making me realize like I wrote a post about this on my instagram. I'm just talking about my word. For the year and Sunny has made me realize the areas of my life that I have insecurities in in that I need to work John and really what it all boils down to is trusting God. Because it's not up to me to make this life perfect for her. I can only do the best I can do. I know I'm GonNa do my very best every single day..

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