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To craig whistled another foul on grant down low avid all sorts of problems with mason plumlee and that'll put that's the first of the final two and that'll be denver's basketball on the side here eddie we go torrey craig looks in tori klay topic he murray was opened it pull the trigger calls out there by felt a little late but he did get their top of the key over the harris catching go on the rookie leans in under lay a finger all goes up in nuggets within three twenty eight to twenty five felton hasn't the front court to ferguson he'll take a three pointer jumpers short rebound flatfooted a mason plumlee plumlee gets it across the timeline plumlee throws left side over to devon hairs brings it back out towards the middle lyles wants to post up here on ferguson that's a good match up for him he starts backing him down he's at the mid post gets into the paint throws out of it to craig no look to devin harris had fake on three shot clock is at four published got to do something out when we leans in from the baseline jumper no good rebound swatted out and run down by patterson pass behind him over to felton felt and guard their by devin harris schizophrenic from grant goes to the left split the defenders he's in the paint can't shoot throws back behind him to ferguson ferguson drives entree lyles throws at the opposite corner to grant for three missed it rebound comes down at torrey craig outlet pass over to devin harris nuggets and go to for one gotta kill about twelve seconds harris gets to pick from plumlee head fake on the three ends up behind him to tori craig five more seconds for the two for one down the lane goes craig up and he missed a bunny rebound comes down to the thunder thunder could it got that two for one back now they're just taking their time here so they missed an opportunity for a two for one paul george has at one on one with tori greg ten on the.

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