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They bring in quarterback Matt Barkley and bring back punter Colton Schmidt with the injury status of Allen and Anderson it might come down to Nathan Peterman starting on Sunday against the bears. Peterman wants to rebound and get past his poor performances from earlier in the season footballs football, like I said the ball bounces your way sometimes, and it doesn't the other times, you know, mistakes are in the past. I've learned from them taking them to heart for sure on never forget them. But at the same time, I'm wanna learn from a move on football. It's a new game every week. Buffalo also placed punter Corey brewer hawk hawk has and running back. Taiwan Jones on injured. Reserve today around the NFL Steelers running back Le vian bell. Still has yet to report to the team after the trade deadline has passed dolphins. Head coach Adam gave says that Brock Osweiler will start again. At quarterback in place of the injured. Ryan tannehill Jaguars quarterback. Blake Bortles has a shoulder injury in his non throwing arm, but he still expected to play after Jacksonville's by week. However the Jaguars did sign Landry Jones as a backup quarterback. In case. Bortles comes up with any sort of issues for quarterback. CJ Beathard is a game time decision. Tomorrow night for San Francisco, Nick Mones would start under center if Beth cannot play chargers running back. Melvin Gordon was limited with a groin injury. Likings running back Galvin cook returned to practice on a limited basis while receiver Stefan digs MS practice from Minnesota with a rib injury to hockey the sabers practicing earlier today trying to move on from last night's overtime loss. Buffalo does have a five game point streak despite two consecutive overtime losses. Buffalo takes on the senators tomorrow night puck drop in Ottawa tomorrow set for seven thirty I'm Dr Kramer for WJR sports radio. Five fifty for breaking sports news, Donald the radio dot com app, and it will push notifications. It's brought to you by. Your local Geico office in west Seneca..

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