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Right now in Denver. This report is sponsored by Safeway beer reform is here, Colorado you can now stop by your local, Safeway and by full-strength fear over one hundred local Colorado craft beers from your favorite neighborhood brewers. Like Saint Patrick's brewing. Crazy mountain brewing company and more support. Local by shopping full strength beer at Safeway. Please drink responsibly. I'm Janine Larose on KOA NewsRadio. Colorado's news, traffic and weather. Stay. Hi, it's April. Innomax makes holiday gifting so easy with smart sleep solutions to help you sleep your best all year long. Maybe you've been dreaming about true, nighttime comfort and sleeping like a baby. Again, we'll get over to innomax this holiday season. Shop for you. And everybody else on your wishlist to and see their innovative designs by innomax have all sorts of new ideas to inspire you to replace that old on comfy mattress you've been sleeping on try out of body responsive flexi pod or memory cell system. Like the one I've got or select your perfect support with their innovative air suspension beds or see their newest innovations in natural organic mattresses. Innomax is your holiday one stop shop for top bedroom. Accessories. It'll have you sleeping at your best. Even on your current mattress. Innomax is knowledgeable sleep consultants are dedicated to helping you find a sleep choice that you'll love and have you sleeping at your absolute best all year long. Call them at one eight hundred innomax for good directions. They have a Denver and a Loveland showroom or you can start online to find out more right now. It's innomax. Dot com. KOA newsradio. Eight fifty AM and ninety four one program was produced at the ABC studios. Thanks to our partners at progressive insurance. Little compare rates for you. So you can get a great deal. Even if it's not with us, saving you time and money now that's progressive. Call or click today..

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