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From ABC news. I'm Michelle Franzen. A NAMI slammed into parts of Indonesia, killing at least two hundred and twenty two people the deadly. Wave officials say triggered by an underwater landslide after a volcanic eruption. It struck a popular beach resort in an area between the islands of Java and Sumatra ABC's. Julia MacFarlane reports from the ABC news foreign desk in London to sue NAMI sweeping away. Everything in sight, just after nine thirty in the evening. Local time on the island of Krakatau volcano visible for miles the water crashing sixty five feet in land. Decimating Townsend hotels in the popular tourist area on the Sunday straight packed with travelers on vacation for the holidays. No deal yet on Capitol Hill to end the partial government shutdown now lawmakers are gone for Christmas break until Thursday unable to bridge their differences, the sticking point remains over border wall funding ABC's Mary Mary's in Washington and tells US Republicans are trying to work to find the votes then accomplished. President feeling the pressure skipping. His Palm Beach vacation to stay in Washington while four hundred thousand government employees work without pay tweeting. I will not be going Florida because of the shutdown staying in the White House. President Trump also taking to Twitter to defend his decision to pull US troops out of Syria that after another Trump administration official resigned, here's ABC's. Lana Zak, a flurry of tweets. President Trump is claiming that if anyone else had made his decision, quote that person would be the most popular hero in America, blaming the fake news. But many of the fiercest critics of Syria decision are actually allies of the president here. Senator Lindsey Graham, this decision is disaster. A lovable fronts. The president's decision on Syria has also led to the resignation of two top administration. Officials general Jim Mattis secretary of defense and Brett mcgurk the top US envoy to the global coalition to defeat ISIS..

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