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One three eight one one and remember now mark Leventis new book oh my goodness on freedom of the press is a New York times number one best seller it's an extraordinary and powerful book that shines the light of truth on the mass media like no other book before on freedom of the press by mark live in is available wherever fine books are sold pick up a copy today OB doc Washburn filling in for mark Levin who will be back live two more a night from Israel to join the conversation call eight seven seven three eight one three eight one one and will be this right after back van independence day is a time when Americans celebrate freedom and the spirit of innovation but some politicians are still dreaming of socialist style healthcare policies with the government controls the prescription drug market but before Bernie Sanders gets too excited Senate finance chairman Chuck Grassley recently announced his opposition to drug price controls you see Bernie Sanders me envy countries like Greece whose bureaucrats get to decide which drugs are available but Chuck Grassley understands that price controls have failed everywhere they've been tried drug price controls are simply the first step in the less utopian pipe dream deceptively name Medicare for all the all make health insurance illegal and implement horrible policies like rationing delay treatment or even treatment done Niles will become the norm America leads in bringing new innovative lifesaving drugs to market because America embrace freedom and innovation not bureaucratic command and control get the facts go to true health care facts dot com true health care facts dot com that's true health care facts dot com we think we're connected Facebook connecting people I used butter because just about everything information continues to be a fracture what separates.

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