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How can I was thinking because some for you so you keep calm must be so you can comment this thank you bye bye one the more you wait yeah thank yeah that idea it is yeah yeah I feel like he you do we and sounds from as he moved this one title Brazil self titled release nineteen seventy five I always love their a utilization of keys in the road as in which taking us out of that set in music from a band has a forthcoming release at the drop at the end of this month chasing Joshua and the B. holders track is titled I don't care and a record that I just found from gun magnet though the cover of soft cell's nineteen eighty one classic tainted love it can be found on a compilation title disco reggae volume to grab that on bandcamp me she checked that out again disco reggae volume two and tame impala who have two nights coming up at the form that's taking place on March tenth in the following night on the eleventh also looking forward to this record the forthcoming album which is set to drop February fourteenth but you did hear tame impala and I'm excited about them you know with that band you really never know what you're gonna get some really curious to see what they can produce after currents Lou Reed taking a back to nineteen seventy two with I can't stand it's a new music from jets featuring Theophilus London with come alive also play something from outcast in celebration.

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