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Hundred plus have signed the petition asking Edison schools to lay off homework and excessive technology use saying the kids are occupied from dawn to dusk. How do you feel about homework? Should we get rid of it? I would love to get rid of it because I really don't feel that that it's helping I don't feel it's learning experience for the children. I feel that the teachers should be teaching this in class if they don't get it. You know, they study for it when you know, you'll realize it during the test. In this world of anti bullying. You know? So what happens if a kid goes home? He, you know, he doesn't understand the homework. It goes in the next day doesn't understand the homework the other start laughing because he doesn't know the homework. Do you want this poor child to feel unin -cluded? Do you want him to experience that kind of pain bullied by other students who get the homework is just not right? It is just not right. I'm doing this for you. Kemp rhymes with hemp is in Flemington, New Jersey one zero one point five eight cab. I've never heard that one before. All right. I'm going with the low hanging fruit. So here's something that, you know, different point of view. I guess I grew up with my my father was a single, right? He was the blue collar worker technician. Right. You know, he worked, you know, extra at night, but he got paid for it. You know, sort of take down away when I needed if I needed help with homework right to take that away from him to make that extra money to, you know, potentially. You know, have a surprise. You wanna say another good point? It's it's tough. It makes it really tough and at the same time like I actually went to school. I I had that mentality. I saw when I was young. School. I see, you know, he's working overtime. He's getting paid for it. And that's just the way I saw it. So high school I had an attitude like that. And I it drop my grades dramatically to the point where my sophomore year. I was told that I was going to have to repeat that your do summer school all the way to the rest of my until I graduate. I was like absolutely not dropped out. Started working five years later. I did get my GED. I tried to do the college thing. Right. Still didn't work out. Now. I I work. I have a good job. I make over eighty carrier consistent, ma'am, thirty five years old house, and no hardware. I got paid for actually I'm sitting in my car now service, call out at work the service, call from you know, more money. Yeah. The thing is it's just not really learning from it. And and the situation with you. You're at a disadvantage the teacher teaches the class. And then after that the student of swords what they learn in class, and you find out how they did on tests. The idea like the teacher said earlier Julia about well, some kids need it doesn't mean the whole class has to suffer. If you feel that some kid wants to learn and the parents come in and say, you know, what could we do? He's not getting it. Let's work together on it. But to take all this time like in your situation. I'm sure you if you were not given homework could have maybe gotten a job and helped you father out a little bit. Yeah. Right. Well, you know, one that you put this energy towards, you know, vocational schools and teaching people trees not everybody is gonna make it in college. Not everybody is going to be able to fit in office and not everybody's going to be able to be working at a radio. You know? The different things and they need to enforce. You're right. Jim thanks for the call to New Jersey one zero one point five twenty four thousand automotive jobs company in the next seven years. We've got technology openings in New Jersey, we've got all kinds of vocational openings in New Jersey. I do I can do a couple of hours just asking business owners who owned companies like h vac how hard it is to find people why because the schools push him to college. Why the aggravated with the homework, I got a Twitter poll up, and we asked basically, what do you think? Kids getting too much, homework and rock replies. Not enough. Little bastard is always nagging me to make him dinner and talk to him. We should be studying instead of bothering me. Welcome to New Jersey. Mark is in Scotch Plains, New Jersey one point five. Hey, mark. Hey, how's it going? So let me say that I'm a teacher, and I teach that so I kinda see both sides of that. And I understand the importance of play all working, Jim. Fourteen jumping jacks. Going into that that wouldn't be a bad thing. So dodgeball. Imagine. Anyway. So I see it from the other teachers point of view, and I think I have a level head and that and that there are some subjects that you do need to have homework right such as like the language arts class where you can't just sit there the whole time to read a book in class. Do you agree? What do you mean? I understand what you're saying. Don't just sit there book in class. What I'm saying? You you tell the kid you sign them homework. Go home redes- chapter in the book in the literature about like like Huck Finn or whether you can if you talk about book reports at some ten different. But if you're saying you discuss it in class the next day, but it for you to sit there and read a chapter in a book that would be the entire class period. Okay. So there is some homework that needs to be done. Same thing. With math math is big independent practice. So you sign it with the idea that the students you teach and, you know, no, no, no, no, hold on you teach it the book report is a different story. And the thing with the book report get books instead of forcing a kid to read a book could care less about give kids went to kick the book that he likes to read you decide if it's on the level. My kids is sports fanatics their addicts. They may not be able to get. It the Huck Finn book. But you give them the either Eli manning biography, and they'll give you seven ways to Sunday. We'll Alba quilt my son's a falcons fan. That was exactly me when I was in high school. In read a single other books, and then so you get it now biography. Biographies my love, right because you and you're interested in here's the other thing. Going back to your math point only because I only got so much time for everybody. Got a lot of people calling him. Your math point is if your teaching the problem you teaching the math in the school bring the kid up to the board work with them there to send them home. He doesn't have you. And if he doesn't get it. It just creates a lot of aggravation and anxiety for both student and parent at home. Thanks for the call to the jersey one zero one point.

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