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Our. Our next traffic update is in less than ten minutes on WCBS and the forecast with meteorologist straight. Well, the rain is over and differ. Much of the Clark tristate area. Skies are starting to clear we'll be dipping to thirty nine in midtown tonight. Upper twenties in some of the northwest suburbs. Then tomorrow, you'll see a good deal of sunshine, and it'll be forty seven but a chilly gusty wind will make it feel like it's in the thirties. Mainly clear for tomorrow night to brisk and colder. Trump to twenty four and midtown with some of the northern suburbs dip into the teens. Then for Monday, you'll stay cold early, son. We'll give away to clouds and highly thirty-five Monday night into early Tuesday. Most of you will see rain, however, north of the city it'll start out as some snow would sleep for a time could break the road slushy four-time late Monday night. We're at forty four midtown now under mostly cloudy sky. However, again, we'll see clearing soon and it'll be dipping to thirty nine. Tonight ahead of the drive at Wendy date for tomorrow back to you. It's a ten at WCBS someone stole one of those enclosed NYPD scooters. Police say Richard Rafael Lopez grabbed the scooter from central park all the way to Paterson New Jersey took about seven hours for cops to eventually catch up to him. It took them a while to figure out who was gone. They were able to find them using a GPS tracker. Lopez was charged in New Jersey with criminal possession of stolen property and grand larceny. He'll likely be extradited to New York where he'll face theft charges a deadly fire ripped through a home last night in east Hanover CBS Tuesday. Lisa Rosner with more from the scene. Eventually two bodies were recovered. We do not know who they are or their names, but we saw several neighbors consoling each other. Also, we've seen the arson squad in Morris county sheriff's crime scene investigation unit here and moving forward. Morris county prosecutor's office is investigating the fire was called in before eight o'clock last night. By the time firefighters got to the home, though, the flames were over five feet on the other side of the door. Lisa mentioned several agencies are now investigating the cause of that fire. It's eight eleven at WCBS, according to a recent nationwide study Chevrolet is more reliable.

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