President Trump, Davos, Jerrold Nadler discussed on Hugh Hewitt


Wasn't quiet yesterday president would not quiet you talking at Davos just a little bit of the present please cut number for Jerrold Nadler I've known him a long time is a sleaze bag everybody knows that Pat simple own is a high quality human being I was very impressed with that a great emotion yesterday that's a brilliant guy but I've never seen that emotion and that's real emotion that's because he knows this is a hoax that and I just love that that's my guys are good guys or share me also talked about Virginia and what that governor North Adams gun bet is doing cut number six I think it's crazy and I think Virginia is crazy when they want to take away the guns in Virginia have a a governor that it's I just can't believe it but the genie is very much in play I think we're going to win the state of Virginia they want to take everyone's got away in Virginia you can't do it he can't do people need that for sure in Winter Park Florida got thirty second very what's on your mind well I guess kind of some ancient Democrat arguments yesterday and they were incompetent irrelevant immaterial innocuous amber Celik M. moral irreverence ignoble and your budget all right grant so I think you got it right thank you bye Mary Lou time for me to tell you about relief but could I come there it is that time today you can see the bag if you're watching on Univision or town all TV four pills third my lukewarm coffee right there and down the hatch it goes now listen to me and listen closely if you don't take your eye Karen Kerr common residential especially or make everyday you were losing the game your fallen behind the only natural supplement I take the only thing I other than that but it is this knowing I think that is the over the counter the only thing I can't take me and said that all and and I want some help and so I get it from really factor that come you can set Talbot created this to benefit you just like they created honor bound copy dot com to benefit military families but you cannot be benefiting until you sign up for a week the fact that I come Michael Lauren is next this is a huge huge.

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