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The. There's no doubt that Cam Newton joining. The New England Patriots makes them much more competitive, not only in their division, but four the conference in as a super bowl contender. I'm Sierra. Goodwill here with Evan. Lazar. Odds are good now that the Patriots are going to be right there with the Buffalo Bills to compete for the AFC child that they've won for so many years in a row now. What do you think that the cam signing gives to the Patriots to make them such a contender? Now we'll give trump card is what it gives them. It gives them somebody at the quarterback position that can really schematically impact the game with his legs, and they have that ability now to be plus one against the run, so you know. Know they have seven blockers, and the Defense has eight will now the Patriots are playing it on eight, because the defense has to account for the quarterback, so I think the biggest thing is that it's going to free up a lot of different options for the Patriots. They can run different schemes that we haven't necessarily seen in new. England with a stationary quarterback Tom Brady and they have the ability now to really be an extremely effective running team and I think if you look at the past and look at other. Other running teams that have really pace themselves offensively with their run game. You're talking about Baltimore for example, the big reason why Baltimore was gangbusters last year on the ground game is because a Lamar Jackson. Ray If you have a quarterback. Where is turning his back and handing the ball off and watching the runningback slam into a guys in the box all the time. You're really not going to be as potent as efficient. Put up as many points as you're going to need to win as many games as the Patriots Hope. Hope to win the season so all offseason long I've been looking. I've been kind of scratching my head. Thinking this offense with multiple tight ends with guys like kill Harry with those stable running backs that they have is really built for a mobile quarterback. It's built to have RPO's. It's built to have his own read actions. It's built to get the quarterback involved in any way shape, or form that they can now they how that type of Guy With Cam Newton. That offense becomes a little bit more difficult to defend. The Patriots now in the conversation of being super bowl contenders by simply adding Cam Newton. Like Super Bowl contenders a little bit rich because his injury. History is what it is right. You're counting on 'em being healthy now for nineteen games. If you're thinking about are talking about making a super bowl run. Maybe that's a little bit generous, but I think before they were one of those teams that was dark horse to make the playoffs rate with jared cinema. quarterback a team that could make the playoffs or could have ended up six ten. They were kind of one of those volatile teams now. Now I think that there are dark to make a run in the playoffs and not just make it because they have Cam Newton so still I don't think that there are a favorite i. don't think that they're one of those teams that you should circle as a contender necessarily, but that next kind of wave or the next kind of grouping of Dr Course candidates to maybe make that super to be that Tennessee titans for example wire last year. I think the Patriots can become that team now. For.

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