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With. John and Ken. Getty, an Armstrong. Who's the other guy that was with us? Phoenix guy. Young kid, really funny guy. What's his name again, Chad? Okay. Let's say, it's Chad. And then after the seminar. Guy comes up to me and says, hey, if you're ever been syndicated, and I said. Well, yeah. But for one night, and it didn't work out. Jeez. That's funny. True story we were syndicated in. I'm in Salt Lake City with me and stickler. Chad Benson this. Yes. Of all cities. I know city city. That is funny. What year was this one thousand nine hundred ninety s. Stories. Great story. I would've loved. Oh, great. And so we talked to the program director up in Utah. And he was a nice guy right family guy. And and I said he was excited. I was on the on the on the station and medical up more bucks, not a lot. And we said, all that's great. You know, very nice to meet you. We're on a speakerphone. And then he said Monday's the big night. We start on Monday at seven to eleven o'clock or seven to ten. It's great. We can't wait. So we go on seven to ten and we said, hey, we're in Salt Lake City. So if you're in Salt Lake City, turn on, you know, the big talker, you know, ten ninety. K C O F or whatever it was. Yeah. Yeah. And. And then we got a call and like eight in the morning on Tuesday. And our boss here said, hey, can you guys come in early? They wanna talk to you about something that happened last night. In Salt Lake City. What happened in Salt Lake City? I thought we I guess we missed some news that happened there. Maybe a oil refinery blew up or a train or I don't know the tabernacle caught fire, and we didn't cover it. Right. And it's a big story. So we go in there. And there's a speaker phone Jack calls the guy up and the guy gets on the speaker phone, and we said, hey, guys, we got we had a problem in. In Salt Lake City. I did it go on the air. So you're on the air you're on for four hours. And he says which one of you guys said GD whole term. And said I said I said it and the program director says, well, we're not fellas we're not used to that kind of language up here. And secular said, gee, dammit. Dabid? Jay, jay. This is tell me when you get used to it. Was it one night? Only what I'd only one night. And that got us out of a big commitment. Tuck that's all syndicated one night. So then this guy walks up to you today says he goes, hey, you're been syndicated, and I told him that story, and he says, well, he says we're not in Salt Lake City. And he says would you like to be syndicated? And so I mean, it it seems. It seems like not a great deal more money, and you have to deal with nine hundred program directors instead of just one, and he's now is a lot of money in it. So maybe bellio you, and I and and Mondo and bender and an angel. Maybe we're we're moving on. Let's take a. Absolutely. All right, syndicated or not, okay. Say not my vote probably for maybe one and a half. I don't know. All right. Bellio. I say, yes. Yes. Mondo yet. Abo- bender. Yes angel is. No, a a is. No. You have to deal with have to get angel to do national traffic, Sherry does Hawaii Phoenix slow. But man, if you're in Atlanta, you're cruise. Air traffic control do that. We can do this. But then, but then you have to hit the brakes on time. You got to have a national vague show. It can't be very specific about where we are. And all that stuff. We did police chases how do people follow him? But people you have international listeners. I know. But I think it's a pain in the ass. I really do. I mean, I hate to put the wet blanket. Let's try it. And find out how much of a pain in the ass. It would be. Let's take a vote for that. Okay. Well, it's not our vote. It's iheartmedia. They. Media. Whether we do this or not. And not I mean, specifically, Robin Bertolucci will say, yea or nay. And if she says, no, then you guys all hater. But I'll still like her. I said, no. Anyway, you guys all hater. Right. So rude guys. What does she done to you? Not that she's been great. She's awesome. Oh my God. Rudas? I heard Ken when you guys were doing the crossover, and, you know, IRA, no, I mean after the mikes were off. He said, you're the best person on that panel. Thank you. Syndication level talent. That's the that's the words. He was share yourself with every why was a little high at the time. Now, she didn't like nervous about it. Did you say that was so funny? A lot of bellio jokes. Doubt that universal. I think it was just the same old crap that you know, I like my friends accused me of having the same nine stories, but I just change friends every six months. To tell you you've had some new ones lately. Got into the archives. There's some stuff I hadn't heard digging deep. You have been you've done some good. We heard the Salt Lake City one ever, really. I had. I hadn't heard that. I have did I tell you about my my uncle sailing. It's for extra weight. Oh, man. That's a beauty. I remember that today but up in in Erie, which is the northern shore of lake eerie. It's the Canadian shore of Lake Erie. We were in a like a tiny, lark. It was like a eighteen foot sailboat wooden sailboat and we'd go out on Sundays and just race against other wooden. It wasn't a big organized thing. But it was really Howland one day and we needed extra week because we were young we were like fourteen or fifteen and the boat would flip over just to fourteen year olds are out there. So I said to my uncle Dan Bresnahan who is probably in his seventies. I say damn well, you come on with us be extra weight and he's from Ireland or Scotland, and he goes high lead. I can't wait to do it. Right. And he's a. Big guy. He's like two hundred and forty pounds. So he gets in the boat. And we didn't know that he had spent all night drinking. We could probably soom we just didn't put it together. And so the one that fell into the Christmas tree. Now that was my uncle, Tom. But my uncle Dan gets on the boat and about ten minutes into it. He could see sick. Right and say this guy is part me. I got I got to see what I had to drink last night. I said, okay. So he leans over the side of the boat. To throw up and does both. No and..

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