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Winter weather approaches KMOX news time is straight up nine o'clock it is cloudy for the moment twenty seven degrees downtown at the arch I'm Michael Calhoun let's check in with accu weather's dean devore find out what we've got in store for these next few hours team actually Michael you can actually say Lambert's already now reporting some light sleep so the first batches of sleep some freezing rain mix with some snow already started to break out near the city it looks like the next couple of hours things are sporadic than the steadier precipitation moves in by the time that occurs close to lunch time it's really mainly rain mixed in with some sleep temperatures are still be cold enough it's freezing on untreated surfaces by the late afternoon and evening were up above freezing city and southern suburbs north and west was the ice here longer but then when everybody goes over to rain and it gets heavy this tonight as we get into the low to mid forties will keep you up to a minute by minute on the storm right here on C. Lewis's newsradio came away thank you dean reporting from the air conference service heating and cooling storm center St Louis counties transportation department says it's ready for the weather spokesman Dave roan tells KMOX would get solved our entire system that's about thirty two hundred lane miles of roadway and more likely than not will will will be out there salting as the storm comes comes to us brown says they began pre treating at one AM have plans to drop even more rock salt once the freezing rain moves in southwest is among the airlines letting customers change flights to avoid freezing rain delays in Saint Louis today that is continue to check with your airline you can go to last year about how to get the status we've already had about four arriving flights canceled one from Wichita one from Johnson City and some light said to her from Toronto Saint Louis Lambert internationals airport spokesman Jeff Lee says snow should be easy to deal with especially when it's light but freezing rain is a whole nother monster he says airlines are ready with the icing equipment although that process could keep you on the ground just a little bit longer and now our top story from CBS news nationally the Senate resumes the impeachment trial of president trump next week CBS news correspondent Nancy Cordes says some Republican.

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