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One to know how much money we're going to make this week. You know, I need to buy a new fridge. I needed my washer dryer. Whatever. Normal stuff. Right. That you don't normally associate with the rash lit. So, but I thought that it's always a sign two things. And so the thing about it is, what are you going to say to somebody? Hey, look, if you got an idea for creator for your character, pitch it. Don't hold it back. Catch it. And see where it goes. If you have that much confidence in your idea, which I assume you would have, you might make this thing work and solve one of your issues, or you're involved in your own creative, which is good. Every talent should have a hand in their creative. So they can invest in it and deliver. Stand and deliver a pro wrestling angle. And then the other thing is during the process of that, if we get something hot, all of a sudden, you're cash situation, your cash flow situation has been addressed to some degree. You know, is it ever going to get back to Austin's level in that area? No. We've got to re focus to the roster and the marriages. And do we have the right guys playing heel, do we have the right guys playing baby face? Right. You know, all those things. It was tough. It was tough coffee. Let's talk about you getting back behind the announcer and desk. It finally happens in early May, Jerry Lawler is going to pin Morley. So you can announce again. Of course, not without some shenanigans, Bischoff's involved in Austin's involved and it winds up with morally being fired and I think coachman is going to be fired. You know, it's all storyline. You said you hated this sort of thing, but hey, at least you're back behind the desk. We haven't spent much time talking about coach though. Do you think he ever got a fair shake? As a commentator? Not as a play by play guy. Right. That was his forte. He had not been trained in for that role. I mean, it's a different pacing. I said this was 401k on the show that, you know, when you got excalibur, Tony schiavone and myself doing rampage on TNT, the we had three guys that have grown up in the business as played by play people. So there's a different timing. There's a different time to get in and to get out. Without question. And it's a different role. It's a different, it's a different cadence. And so coach has not prepared for that. And then he's replacing JR, who had a lot of experience. And sometimes that works out good and sometimes it doesn't. But I thought he was good, really good at backstage things. I thought he was really good at interviews and we need a little bit of comedy. Let me up type thing. Coach is very, very good at that. But he was never trained to be a play by play guy, which comes with it with a whole different set of House rules. Quite frankly. And. So yeah, I think he was just okay. But he was never going to be a plague by play guy. It just wasn't his calling. Booker is going to be here wrestling Lance storm. Storm's got to come out waving the Canadian flag and he's a total baby face. The biggest pop is when he uses a sharpshooter and of course he loses to Booker in two minutes and 34 seconds. Why was the company seemingly always insistent on beating wrestlers in their hometown? I mean, even recently, like zelina Vega, I mean, you see the pop like carlito got in Puerto Rico and it's like, this is the way it should be every time,

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