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On board. There's no question that this neighborhood has been historically underserved. You know, San Francisco is blessed to have a really good park system. I'm one hundred percent of us live within ten minute, walk apart. But with this community is ask for it hasn't had. And that's an indoor basketball. And that's what we plan to build. The renovation of Sunnyvale is part of the hope SF program launched in two thousand six to transform the city's most distressed public housing sites. In San Francisco gentleman, KCBS let's bay area residents are increasingly living in neighborhoods, where the family next door. Looks like their own as KCBS's Meghan gold to be reports, UC Berkeley. Researchers have found that overall the bay area's more segregated today than it was in nineteen seventy researchers at the Haas institute for a fair and inclusive society at UC Berkeley have created a new interactive map that lets you explore segregation in the bay area over the last several decades, all of the tracks are low, segregation in nineteen seventy. But if you move the slider two thousand ten it's almost all high or moderate, Stephen, Menendez is director of the institute and co author. On this report. He says the only two counties to be doing slightly better are Alameda in San Francisco, and it's hard to come up with an answer as to why this is happening. He says, because sure demographics can change. But it's not about who lives here, but where they live, take Oakland. For example, it is one of the most diverse cities in the whole country, but it's also a city that has clearly definable racial neighborhoods. So it's a very segregated city and segregation manifest in the schools and the problems this caused extend beyond education. He says, we will be able to solve the student achievement gap that will be able to work on parent mortality, infant mortality solve police brutality, or mass incarceration and injustice in the criminal Justice system. Because men Indian says racial segregation has always been at the root of racial inequality. Megan gold, speak, KCBS KCBS news time, ten thirty five a commentary. Now from why are radio with foods such a huge part of American culture. This is not an. Easy place to Ramadan. I'm Newman fees with a commentary from why our media as one of more than three million Muslims in the United States. I'm fasting from eating drinking and worldly pleasures between sunrise and sunset all month. But my regular life doesn't stop doing Ramadan. I still have class theater rehearsals and work to conserve my energy. I've talked lesson stay indoors as much as possible occasionally asked myself. Why was I doing this five years into the practice? I think I know I live in society where everyone is indulging. Ramadan is an eye opener. Not a calorie burner. It's true purpose is to purify, the heart and a race hatred and desires that lead to negative energy as I observe Ramadan, my selfishness, and materialism decrease I feel the hardships of those less fortunate while knowing I can experience the joys of life after sunset, we're meant to be patient and disciplined, not just during the fast, but also after it's over a life lesson that I can stand by even..

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